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Smart Ways to Manage Maintenance Requests Using CMMS Software

The maintenance department is most critical to the daily operation and efficiency of any industrial plant or facility. Since it is your job to ensure that all equipment is running at top condition continually, you can quickly get overwhelmed with many incoming maintenance requests. Mostly, you’re likely to deal with emergency and breakdown requests needing an immediate fix. Often, you get scheduled maintenance requests like changing oil, filters, and machine calibration among other repair work.

With so many requests needing your attention, you are likely to miss a few, or completely forget some call for maintenance! Additionally, you also have to give feedback to the requester whenever work is complete efficiently, or there is a problem/delay. That is why it is essential you come up with a way of managing, tacking and fulfilling all maintenance requests.

How CMMS Help In Efficiently Managing Maintenance Requests

Maintenance management system software comes with inbuilt maintenance requests modules that will help you handle such requests expeditiously, minimize costs from downtime and ensure satisfaction for all requesters.

Here are some useful CMMS features to make your work easier:

  1. Request Submission:

Maintenance request software allows clients and non-maintenance personnel fill out requests specifics and submit it to the maintenance department using a web interface, mobile app, web app or email.

Knowing where you’re needed, which type of maintenance work, what parts/ equipment you need to repair/replace and when you should avail yourself goes a long way in saving time, reducing costs caused by downtime and improving the general working experience.

  1. Alerts and Notifications

A CMMS system ensures that you never miss a maintenance request, update or feedback by providing a text message, email alerts or popup notifications.

Real-time alerts and notifications allow you to tend to emergency or urgent requests immediately. Receiving reminder notifications will also help you to prepare for scheduled preventive maintenance adequately.

  1. Work Request Review

Easily managing work requests allows you to get rid of duplicates, filter requests according to priority and follow up on ongoing work orders. Managing work requests before converting them to work orders improves efficiency and makes it easy to track work progress.

  1. Check Request Status

CMMS systems allow you to automatically inform requesters on completed work, delays and other related issues. Automated real-time feedback on requests is much preferable to manually contacting each requester to update them on the work status!

  1. Metrics collection & Reporting

Recording statistics like the total number of requests received per day, average time spent to complete a task, delays, and number of completed work in any specific period can be a huge task. A CMMS software automates metrics collections and generates reports tailored to your key performance index so you can easily evaluate where you are falling behind and which areas need improvement.

Get the Best CMMS Software Tailored For Your Maintenance Requests

For your maintenance department to be efficient and ensure the whole plant is running at full capacity, they should be able to process maintenance requests efficiently, gather statistics and generate reports as needed.

When looking for the best CMMS software for your facility or industrial plant, look for the CMMS package that offers maintenance requests modules preferably as an inbuilt function.

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