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September 16, 2021

Did you know: All The Tech Behind Live Streaming iGaming Studios

While there are a plethora of different online casino games to choose from nowadays with technology at the forefront of some of the most innovative titles to have ever been released, different types of games will be considered more popular than others.

Indeed, many will head to a casino to play the vast range of video slots that have been provided by some of the best developers at the top gambling platforms available, although there will be many who will opt to play live dealer games.

These games will provide those that choose them some of the best gameplay experiences possible to enjoy, as many of the titles that have been made available feature some pretty amazing technological features. Whilst each title will offer something different when being played, each of them will feel as though they are being played in a physical establishment due to what has been provided, rather than them feeling as though they are still playing online casino games instead.

How does technology help?

The technology used by the developers who create such games, with Evolution Gaming perhaps the masters in this particular category, is always of the highest quality and it would appear that no expenses are spared when it comes down to providing the best experiences.

As mentioned, these games will help to immerse bettors into an environment that would be akin to one that can be felt when enjoying the classic casino games in a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment and that is only possible by having access to the best technology available.

What equipment is used to ensure the best experiences are provided by iGaming studios?

One definite piece of kit that a developer providing a game that can be streamed live to players will use is software that goes by the name OCR. Standing for Optical Character Recognition, OCR is a crucial piece of technology for several different industries and businesses all around the world, but perhaps none more vital than for those streaming live games.

The software can be able to achieve several things that can make playing live casino games incredibly simple and enjoyable to do. For instance, OCR can track the symbols that are on the playing cards that can be used in various games, whilst it will also be able to track the numbers on the roulette wheel if this game is the choice of poison.

OCR is used to accomplish a very simple aim for those betting as it will help those who win to be identified as quickly as possible because of its ability to capture the information that is made available on the screen.

Lights, Camera, Action!

In addition to the OCR software, lighting, cameras and even monitors are extremely important pieces of technology that are continually used by game studios that provide live betting experiences.

The cameras will typically be some of the very best and most powerful options available to buy as they will help to show bettors the entire game in a resolution that is perhaps as clear as it would be to see the game take place with the naked eye when standing physically at a table, whilst the lighting provided will want to ensure that it is perfect to create the right atmosphere, otherwise, players could look to turn away from the game if it is not quite right.

In regards to action, monitors and game control units are vital for developers, as these will ensure that the game runs as smoothly as possible and displays all of the action that takes place on the table as quickly as it can. Both are extremely crucial and each game designed will have these pieces of technology being used.

Don’t Forget The Human Dealer!

Whilst there are going to be several live casino game variants that may not require a human dealer, these individuals could be considered to be the most important aspect of the live stream and one that helps to provide the best overall experience.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to consider a human as a piece of technology given that they are not robots, however, they can loosely come under the definition as they operate in a way whereby they apply knowledge to ensure the smoothest of operations.

Humans are professionally trained and have a friendly manner which means bettors will feel as comfortable as they can be, whilst also being reassuring figures when something may not quite be right. Furthermore, they provide the realistic aspect that a game being streamed live would be aiming to achieve!

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