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July 18, 2022

How To Stop Ads on Google Chrome

There’s nothing more annoying or frustrating than ads popping up all over your screen. Whether you’re checking your email, online shopping, or just surfing the internet, you shouldn’t have to deal with incessant advertisements. 

While most online advertisements cannot be disabled or stopped, they can be blocked.

You’ll find out how to disable Google advertisements in your web browser by using the instructions in this article. Just keep on reading to learn how to stop ads on Google Chrome!

Preventing Pop-Up Ads

First, you’ll want to open up Chrome on your computer. You can find the Chrome icon in your Start menu (on Windows) or in your application folder (on Mac).

In your browser’s upper right corner, click the three dots. This three-dot menu icon can be found in the web browser’s upper right corner.

Click Settings after that. It will launch Chrome’s settings in a new tab and is located close to the bottom of the menu.

Click site settings after that. This is adjacent to a filter icon and is located beneath the title “Privacy and Security.” Select Pop-up to be redirected. It’s located underneath the heading “Content” toward the bottom of the page.

Don’t allow sites to deliver pop-ups or utilize redirects by clicking to fill the circle next to it.

Turning Off Personalized Ads

To disable personalized ads, you must sign in to your Google account.

Select the Personalization & Privacy tile. It is shown holding a paintbrush and the default account avatar. To access ad settings, click on it. This may be found on the “Ad settings” tile’s bottom.

To turn it off, press the gray and white switch. Your advertising will no longer be based on your Google activity (such as what you’ve seen on YouTube or searched for in Google) if the ad personalization switch is gray.

To confirm, click Turn Off and Got it.

Install Ad-Blocking Applications

Did you know that you can install ad-blocking applications or software onto your computer? These applications work to turn off ads on Google Chrome.

AdBlock is a popular ad-blocking application. In the address bar of Chrome, type https://getadblock.com/ to access it. Then, choose “GET ADBLOCK NOW.”

The center of the page is occupied by this blue button. You will then be sent to the installation page for the appropriate extension for your browser. In this instance, it directs you to the page for the Chrome extension.

Click the link for some more Google ad tips!

Now You Know How to Stop Ads on Google Chrome

If you use the internet, you know just how annoying advertisements are. They get in the way of doing important things like work, answering emails, or even just browsing online. But now that you’re aware of how to stop ads on Google Chrome, you can surf without getting interrupted!

Did you find the information in this article helpful? If you did, be sure to check out the rest of our posts about all things technology.

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