World of Warcraft Dragonflight
May 31, 2023

How to play the Retribution Paladin class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

Dragonflight is the next major update in the world of WoW, which brought a significant reorganization of many mechanics of the world of Azeroth and added many innovations to simplify the gameplay while maintaining the main features of World of Warcraft, which players from all over the world have long loved.

Starting to play WoW Dragonflight, make sure that you are ready to devote yourself to the game and devote at least two hours a day to World of Warcraft for the constant progress of your hero, the constant growth of the level of the game and understanding of the mechanics and general progress. Of course, you can always turn to a service like Skycoach, which will help you level up a hero, complete a raid, provide an opportunity to buy game gold or teach you how to play a selected character. The service offers a guarantee of anonymity, the ability to return money in case of disputes, and provides support in case of problems with the game administration due to the fault of a Skycoach employee.

Who is the Retribution Paladin class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Retribution is one of the variations of the development of the Paladin class in World of Warcraft. Specialization allows the player to be a full-fledged tank with sound healing and the ability to strengthen allies and himself with the help of combat auras; these skills that provide the most powerful skills that give invulnerability in the game and the ability to reduce incoming damage for yourself and allies in any combat situation, including during raids.

Paladin Retribution Class Advantage in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

  • The ability to select builds for a combination of skills and enhance AoE attacks on two or three targets in any situation.
  • The strongest skills for absorbing damage, reducing damage, and accumulating received harmful actions, then returning all effects to enemies.
  • A wide range of skills to strengthen all allies in the raid by blocking damage to them, redistributing damage to yourself, and the impossibility of applying adverse effects that reduce the running speed of your allies.
  • The ability to restore an ally a large supply of health, which is equal to your HP supply.
  • A powerful Retribution aura enhances the overall potential of offensive skills and abilities, as well as healing for the entire group and the paladin himself.
  • Aura of devotion, which, on the contrary, permanently reduces all incoming damage for the group during the raid.

Disadvantages of the Retribution Paladin class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

  • He is a relatively slow character who accelerates his speed to a greater extent due to skills with a cooldown.
  • Not all players are ready to invite this particular representative of the tank class to the group due to dubious skill sets from previous updates.
  • Extreme dependence in combat on the presence of essential cooldowns.

What stats should be buffed for the Retribution Paladin class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

Characteristics are the main parameters that a character has immediately after creation. Class features and racial characteristics are taken into account.

The following stats will be relevant for the Retribution Paladin class:

  • Strength: allows you to have a larger supply of health, resist negative effects, and have a strong attacking potential despite the defensive orientation and the likelihood that skills will work with an enhanced effect.
  • Versatility: a single parameter that grows and improves along with the level and equipment. The essence of the character lies in the fact that it even increases the attack and defense potential of the character, and it is the versatility that explains why characters of a lower level often lose to players with a higher level due to the difference in attacking and defensive potential. The development of this characteristic is significant for all tanks since it will allow you to build up a crucial defensive potential for PVP and raids and save attacking resources for pumping as part of a group and alone.
  • Speed: Paladin, one of those classes that are important always to reach opponents, wherever they are, and what mobility they would not have. According to the classics, the hero can use a mount. Still, at the time of the cooldown, it is essential to have an overclocked speed indicator so as not to be shot by an enemy with good mobility and prevent enemies from attacking our allies.
  • Critical Hit: A parameter that allows you to increase the chance of dealing double damage during attacks. A key stat for dealing damage and significantly increasing the combat potential of any class that attacks enemies with skills and normal attacks and has a high attack speed. For a paladin, this is an ideal start to increase his potential in leveling and PVP.
  • Mastery is a parameter that dramatically enhances the use of all types of skills. Offensive skills become more powerful and have a chance to hit critically, while defensive skills may proc with double the timer or have no cooldown.
World of Warcraft

Conclusions on the Retribution Paladin class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Always, before playing support classes with offensive potential as tanks, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

First of all, this is primarily a support class, or rather, the defender of the group, who must prioritize the group’s salvation in his tasks and actions. Healing allies, holding onto enemies, and evenly using defensive skills so that one remains in stock or has time to return from cooldown.

Remember that you will always need more speed, so try to improve the movement parameter because you need to quickly get close to the enemy in any battle, especially if it is a class with fast mobility or skills that provide rebound – magicians, archers.

Always try to keep on hand and buy or make your own food and alchemy potions. This will allow you to significantly increase key characteristics for an extended period, which is especially useful in the game’s early stages. At the same time, the character still needs to get high-quality equipment.

Paladin Retribution will appeal to all PVE fans because he has a lot of skills for attacks on several targets at once – you can engage in a full-fledged grind, provoke several monsters, collect them in a group, and destroy them with a series of skills, and thereby significantly increase your overall pumping speed and gold earnings.

Ignore people who are negative about the Retribution Paladin due to the prejudices of the old updates. This is a strong attacking and, at the same time, a defensive class that can save and heal more than one life in raids and PVP battles, hold strong bosses, and not die, thanks to a set of strengthening and protecting skills.

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