How to Find the Right Marketing Goal for Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook campaigns are aimed at acclaiming recognition and creating awareness on a large scale to customers. Facebook provides several types of choices to its users for creating a marketing ad campaigns. All these ad campaigns are executed based on specific algorithms. These algorithms assist in providing the best outcome, heightened advertiser satisfaction and better marketing investment.

Let’s see what the basic goals of these campaigns in particular reference to Facebook are.

Marketing goals offered by Facebook

The campaigns offered by FaceBook Ads Academy tries to understand user’s requirement and kind of outcome a user expect out of it. There are 3 types of ad campaigns offered by Facebook to the users:

  • Awareness
  • Conversion
  • Consideration


This campaign focusses on building the awareness of brand, service and/or product with the objective to reach and promote itself to largest audience. Under brand awareness campaign, the main objective is to enhance the brand awareness. This is especially needed for new advertisers who have just entered the market for the 1st time. As they are new, people do not know them.

So, with this campaign, they can advertise their business and build a large community of followers. Once this task is accomplished successfully, advertisers use the next marketing campaign of Facebook to convert followers into real customers. Local awareness helps in marketing the brand on a local level. It is beneficial for smaller local marketers gathered in an area.


This type of campaign aims at customers who are aware of the brand. There are five components of this campaign.


This component helps in catching prospective customers present on Facebook, possibly on an external website. The objective of the campaign is used where the marketer directs the user to a brand-new content and wants him to interact with it.


This component support posts to get maximum user reach. It helps in collecting new followers for a new Facebook webpage, promoting events and offers.

App Installs

In this component, the marketer tries to talk to the user via an advertisement and bring them to the place where the marketer’s application is located. This is done with the objective that the user purchases or installs the application.

Video views

This component aims at boosting a video to spread its content, efficiently and easily among relevant Facebook users, based on an elaborate objective.

Lead Generation

This component aims at gathering personal data (contact number, address and email address) of sales leads by way of filling out a form. There is a prize given to every single user who fills out the form.


This is the last phase of the Facebook marketing campaign that aims at converting interested people into customers. This campaign focusses only at selling a service or a product. The objective of this campaign is to encourage end users to make a purchase. This ultimately leads to conversion.


These goals are the fundamentals of Ad campaigning on Facebook, and before starting any campaign, it is a must to keep in mind these goals. Only when a person has a clear mindset about these goals, he will be able to set up the campaign and carve out his plan accordingly, meeting up his demands.

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