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April 22, 2020

How Technology Is Only Limited By Broadband Speeds

In the modern-day, it’s no secret that everyone is striving to have fast broadband speeds within their homes. Wanting the ability to access various forms of technology, including video streaming services, game streaming, and more, sub-optimal speeds can cause a bottleneck for the technology.

When new technology is created, it’s primarily designed for it to work seamlessly with fast broadband and internet speeds. For example, Google’s cloud gaming service, Google Stadia, requires a connection of at least 10 Mbps to stream 720p visuals.

So when there aren’t fast broadband upload and download speeds, what is the impact? Well, firstly, it causes frustration with consumers that are utilizing the broadband within their homes. 

The largest chokepoints for broadband are remote rural areas that aren’t able to access a good broadband connection, a poor knowledge surrounding connectivity, and particular telecom businesses that aren’t able to offer a consistent service. Due to this, consumers aren’t able to access certain technologies that are being created.

However, slow broadband speeds don’t only affect consumers but also businesses. For example, a slow connection can have a direct effect on employee productivity. Making simple tasks, such as accessing an application or talking to clients through a video conference on a desktop more complicated, it will have an impact on sales revenue in the long term.

As broadband is so vital for day to day operations, without a dependable and fast connection, a business will face many challenges that affect its bottom line. 

How Are Broadband Speeds Measured?

To ensure that slow broadband speeds don’t limit technology, it’s good to know exactly how they are measured. 

Broadband speeds are calculated by looking at the number of megabits that are downloaded per second using the installed connection. A speed test will look at two factors – the upload and the download speed.

The former will affect how long it takes for the technology to upload information, whereas the latter will affect how long it takes you to see specific web pages.

What Has an Effect on Broadband Speeds?

Although many consumers will initially blame their provider for their slow broadband speeds, it’s not always purely their fault. Several other factors can cause a drop in the speed of your broadband, including the location of your property. 

The Location – How Does It Affect The Speed of Your Broadband

Where you live can have a direct impact on what broadband speed you are receiving. It is because the further away you are from a telephone exchange, the weaker the signal will be. It, in turn, results in a slower connection.

When it’s further away, the signal can be interrupted. Whether this is due to electromagnetic interference, an issue with the lines or attenuation, it can cause frustrating delays.

The Connection Type

Another factor that can have an impact on broadband speeds is the connection type. Of course, this varies by what country you are in. But typically, there are three main types – copper lines, coaxial cables, and fiber optic. All three of these allow for different speeds and can vary in terms of quality.

The Network Congestion

One of the most significant factors that impact broadband speeds is the number of people that are trying to use it within a specific timeframe. Home broadband connections typically use a contention ratio. For example, if it’s set at 50:1, 49 other people in your area are sharing the same connection.

When this happens, the speeds will slow down. Although this issue is inevitable, you can improve the speeds of broadband, by switching to a faster and better quality broadband provider. With so many deals available, you’ll be less affected by connection speeds during peak times.

The Router and Home Setup

Something that people often forget about or don’t realize is that where you place your router can have an impact on broadband speeds. 

 For example, if it’s placed in the front room and then try to connect to it in a room at the other end of the house, there will be a slow connection. The further away from the router and the more walls, it has to get to, the weaker it will become.

How To Improve Broadband Speeds

To improve broadband speeds, as well as changing provider, you can do the following:

Carry Out a Speed Test

The first thing you should do is carry out a speed test. It should be done over several days to get the most accurate results. If it’s only done over one day, it won’t show a precise depiction of how fast the upload and download speeds are. 

Plug The Broadband Router Into the Main Phone Socket

To lower interference and increase speeds, it’s worth plugging the router directly into the main home phone socket. When doing this, use high quality, short cable to ensure that there are no tangled cables.

Update The Browser

When a web page is taking a while to appear, it could be because of an outdated browser. To improve the speed of this, it’s a good idea to check what version is on the computer and update it is necessary. 

The Future of Broadband

As consumer demands grow, as will the inevitable growth and advancement of technology. And because of this, broadband providers need to keep up. Downtime due to broadband speeds can be disastrous for many industries and can taint a consumer’s view of a provider.

However, many will be pleased to know that the future for broadband looks promising. With the introduction of 5G broadband and fiber-optic being pushed out, broadband speeds are set to rise. Even those in remote areas will soon benefit from a better broadband connection if they are with the right provider.

Of course, these connection speeds will all come with a price. And the better broadband speeds, usually the higher the price. But with the various technologies that are now out there being used every day, it’s clear that the need for fast broadband may overtake the want for cheap deals.

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