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Here’s How Streaming Can Keep You Relaxed When Traveling

January 31, 2021

Online video streaming has changed the way we used to watch video content, we no longer need to sit in front of the couch to watch the shows we love. With so much innovation in the video streaming industry, the entire scene has changed. Today we can watch movies and TV series on our Smartphones and resume watching them right from where we left on another device such as our Smart TV, Tablet, or Computer.

But as times have changed so has our lifestyle, the typical 9-5 is no longer applicable, people are being at work 10 hours a day. Excluding the time consumed while commuting to and back from work. We must manage our time very wisely to get some sort of relaxation during the daily hustle and bustle to keep our minds at peace.

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How To Stream All Your favorite Shows and Still Not Miss Out On Life!

If you carefully plan your day, you will realize that there are many “gaps” present in your daily routine where you as such don’t do anything but mindlessly spend time here and there. Let’s take traveling, for example, if you travel on the train then you have at least half an hour in your hands where you can relax. Did you ever think time spent doing nothing could be so useful for you? And honestly, it doesn’t take most of us half an hour on the sub, it’s usually an hour and a half.

Pre-download your favorite Netflix series or movies and watch them during that time, oh and I am assuming that you do know you watch Netflix with a VPN, which will enable you to access different regional libraries and content that isn’t available on your local Netflix. For example, the dopest stuff releases on the U.S Netflix first and it is indeed the largest library. There are so many reasons to check out different Netflix libraries that if I begin, I’m afraid we’ll go off-topic, but sure you can check out ScreenBinge for all that! It is an epic source for everything related to streaming.

So, there’s that, watching movies and shows on the train, it could be quite refreshing actually. Imagine watching something like Wolf of Wall Street during the morning commute and then arriving to work. You’d be all pumped up and be like Leonardo screaming “The Only Thing Standing Between You And Your Goal Is The Bulls**T Story You Keep Telling Yourself As To Why You Can’t Achieve It.”

That would be awesome no? Or watch light movies and shows on your way back home after a long tiring day and it’ll freshen you up!

It’s not just the daily commute when you can stream during traveling, I don’t support watching any sort of movie, show, or song videos while driving but you can certainly stream on the flights, (unless you’re not the pilot!). Yea, if your job requires you to travel to different cities and countries imagine how much streaming (which in my opinion is relaxing) you can do on the flight. On a 13 hour flight, imagine how much you can binge on your favorite shows! You can watch the entire series and the best part is that you won’t even have jetlag when you land if there’s a huge time difference in the other country.

And the chances to stream just don’t end here, even when you are in the new country, done with the major sightseeing and business meetings, you can just chill in your comfortable hotel room and binge amazing series for hours and hours and you won’t even feel homesick it will be like a mini- me-time thing where you can relax and be on your own to unwind.

Take these work traveling opportunities to binge on series so that back at home you don’t do it and have a normal routine and sleep on time. This will help you from appearing like a zombie at work in the morning. Oh, and you wouldn’t have to take all those countless cups of coffee to function either!

It’s not just that you will be having fun streaming shows and movies in these in-between times, it will also keep your anxiety at bay when going for a meeting or something. Watching movies and shows is good for your mental health as well! You get to get out of your mind and indulge in the content forgetting all worries, isn’t this a sort of meditation in itself?

Many people turn to alcohol or drugs to relax, it’s just a simple escape mechanism, instead science has proved that streaming in moderation is actually beneficial for your brain and will keep you away from unhealthy habits in the long run. The good part is you can choose healthier escape mechanisms for yourself like watching video content. Trust me all once you’re hooked to a series, you may start to show signs of an addict, so yes it’s healthy but moderation is the key. Remember the point is to relax, not overburden your mind and destroy your eyes.

Always keep the device at a decent distance, if you watch your video content on your phone install a blue-light filter so that the brightness of the screen doesn’t burn your eyes.

Wrapping Up!

And it’s not just about movies and shows, you can watch online documentaries while traveling too. Imagine if you keep doing that for a year how much more knowledgeable you would become. You’d be increasing your intelligence in your free time and this would benefit you so much on the whole. It’s not just limited to documentaries you can learn new skills on the go as well. There are tons of how-to tutorials online, just look for your relevant topic and start watching the tutorials. Imagine how cool it would feel to have learned a new skill all while just traveling. Your time here is very limited make sure you use it wisely. Give yourself the breaks you deserve, travel, stream, live your life! Enjoy.

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