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April 6, 2019

How Instagram is Influential for Small Businesses

If your business is not on Instagram today, then you are losing out a great deal. Instagram today has more than one billion transcribers, of whom about 500 million use their accounts every day. More than 70% of Instagram users are below 35 years and constitute the majority of impulse shoppers. Instagram has a serious potential for reaching out to potential clients considering that users see and like for that 4.2 billion posts daily. You can only imagine the impact of this audience on your business if correctly tapped. For example, Social10x can help you to get a social media influence by helping you get followers and fans on Instagram and other sites. Here is how Instagram alone can influence your small business.

Free Advertising

Every small business will always have a problem with limited capital. You have to make a rational decision on which area of business to pump up the limited resource. Every other business, whether big or small requires intensive and extensive marketing and advertising to get it out there and get it to know to the public. Advertising can be costly especially for a small business. With Instagram, small businesses have found an avenue of marketing and branding themselves sometimes without spending a dime. This saves them money that they can use to grow their inventory and subsequently their business.

Using Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the in thing today on this platform. As a small business, you will want to take full advantage of this particular feature. It is perhaps the most useful for such establishments at the moment. But what exactly are these stories?

Instagram allows users to post stories that appear at the top of their followers’ feeds in the form of images or videos. These stories run for 5 to 15 seconds depending on how you upload them. They last for 24 hours then disappear. You are at liberty to post as many stories as you want. You can use stickers to give more information or to make them more interesting and even include hashtags to direct clients to your store. Most Instagram users check on these stories before they think of checking out your profile. If they are impressed with your story, they might consider checking your other content. Small businesses can take advantage not only to market themselves but also to try and make sales using these stories.

Build a Relationship with Clients

Here is where you need to put in a lot of work. For your small business to grow, you need to create a cordial relationship with your existing clients so that they can help you market your business. You will need to have a mix of creative and informative content that can draw potential clients and at the same time create a lasting relationship. Instagram is more of a visual platform, and consumers are more likely to follow and buy from the business they like. Try to create attractive and interesting posts to draw Instagram users to your page, then present products they can relate with. The more clients like your products, the more they are likely to help you get more followers and potential clients and make more sales.

You Can Follow Influential Brands

More than 80% of Instagram users are already following one business account or another on Instagram. This shows you that Instagram users are really ready to engage with your business if you give them a good reason to. As a small business, you can identify an account or accounts that share your vision and passion and follow them to get the much-needed exposure. You can participate in their stories and mirror their strategies to help curate your own business account to win more followers and clients. Make sure you take advantage of hashtags to expose your small business as much as possible.

Improved Analytics

Unlike traditional marketing where you have to collect a lot of data and carry out complex analysis to determine the impact of your marketing campaign, Instagram comes equipped with improved analytics that help you get this data already analyzed. You will get to know how your content is performing and if it is making an impact on the market. You also get to see in real time how potential clients are interacting with your content. Such information is crucial since it will help you revise and improve your strategy for the good of your business.

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