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How Europe’s Tech Startups are Bringing New Experiences to the Online World

It might not be the home of Silicon Valley or have the vast markets of China to stimulate app development, but Europe has quietly become one of the most dynamic tech startup centres in the world.

Thanks to guided investment from the EU and national governments in skills, infrastructure, and business development, small companies all over the continent (and beyond) are making their mark.

From Fintech to online gambling, Europe’s tech scene is thriving, bringing together the region’s world-leading IT skills with a reservoir of entrepreneurial energy few others can match. Let’s take a closer look at what the current wave of European startups is bringing to the table.

Making a Difference to the World’s Finances Through Fintech Innovation

Fintech (essential shorthand for financial technology) is sweeping across the world’s high-tech industries, and Europe’s tech geniuses are right at the forefront of this potentially world-changing wave of creativity.

Some are pioneering new apps to help companies manage the expenses of complex teams of staff, helping them sell their products worldwide while keeping a lid on costs.

Others focus on helping individuals connect their finances together. For the first time, smartphone apps offer a seamless way to move cash into US bank accounts – a huge bonus for travelers to the United States.

Making Tourism Stress-Free, At Last

Along with finance, Europe’s startups are tackling tourism – one of the continents biggest industries (and sources of stress). There’s a huge market for apps which make booking flights and hotels easier.

At the same time, some apps have made it simpler for homeowners to capitalize on their properties via online rentals and allow tourists to access major attractions without the need to print off tickets.

Wherever you look, travel and smartphones are combining to help us move around with as little hassle as possible.

Taking a Gamble on Casino Apps

Another area where innovation is moving ahead fast is the online gaming sector. While you’re probably familiar with placing bets online via services like Bet 365 or Paddy Power, the next generation of gaming products seeks to go further.

New startups like is creating realistic online environments which bring the excitement of the casino to ordinary smartphones. With databases of immersive slot machines and classic card or table games, this Europe-based online casino is revolutionizing the way we gamble.

So there’s a hive of activity buzzing away in Europe’s tech hubs. From travel and finance to gambling, European talent is leading the way.

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