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May 24, 2022

​How can you create better Instagram stories?

Whether you post on Instagram for your entertainment or you do it for a company, the goal is always the same: To try to get as many “likes” as possible. Therefore, you want the quality of your stories to be optimal, each time. How can you become more creative and interesting for your followers? Here are a few ideas.

​Try Background Templates

We don’t always have the time to search for the right background to create our stories. It can be quite time-consuming, especially if you post on Instagram regularly. The other issue you may face is a sudden lack of inspiration. Creating stories is similar to writing; you will sometimes face the syndrome of the white page. But that can’t happen if you always use an Instagram story background template.

When you do so, suddenly, preparing them becomes as easy as child’s play. Once you have selected the one that you will be displayed in the back, you only need to modify the rest of the elements on it, to have it customized to your message. You will be able to add photos or videos, as well as all kinds of fonts to make it look even better. You can choose to put music on top or record the message with your voice. You can even include animations if you want to! But with a background template, you finally have the sense of direction that you needed in the first place, which makes everything else you have to do, much easier.

​Keep an Eye on the Latest Trends

Fashions come and go. But in truth, the subjects never change. It is always the way you talk about them and the way you present your point that makes a difference. If you are not able to provide a visual that is modern, internet users won’t read what you write. They will simply move on to the next. Therefore, you need to look at how stories are created, right now, to base yourself on the style and fashion of the moment. 

The problem with the internet is that trends tend to change very quickly on it. It asks you to be vigilant at all times and to follow the latest ones when you post. It is true about images and sounds, but also about written words. Some are discouraged while others are celebrated. Political correctness rules social media. Being caught outside the lines of the mass can be costly on Instagram, in terms of followers. Keep that in mind.

​Be Bold

It may seem contrary to the preceding paragraph, but it isn’t. Just because there are lines to follow, doesn’t mean you cannot be creative inside them. The other main social media of the moment, TikTok, is influencing Instagram users a lot. The big difference between the two is in the tone of the users. The “TikTokers” are much more relaxed about the things they post, and how they create them. They take themselves less seriously. That is something you can integrate, to create better posts, as well.

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