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How Will AI Shape The Future of Search Engine Marketing

Where is artificial intelligence taking us and what do new search apps have to offer?

In this day and age, one of the major appeals of the internet is its ability to give voice to anyone who can access it. However, with the sheer abundance of material now flooding the web at all times, one of the major challenges of content creators is getting their voices heard, and their pages noticed.

There are two main discovery mechanisms used by web surfers: the classic search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc., or social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. While the search engine is usually the first place a web surfer goes with a query, social media enables discovery by means of friend endorsements such as likes and shares. For years now, content creators have struggled to find the optimal ways to get their material to receive the most views through both discovery mechanisms.

Search engine marketing and social media marketing are, however, becoming less and less mutually exclusive as artificial intelligence (AI) encroaches and continues to evolve rapidly.

Getting to the top spot search positions has depended primarily on one’s capacity to predict and incorporate the ideal keywords or phrases a surfer would enter into the search bar. Beyond this, one could always pay one’s way to the top to get featured in the ad box right below the search bar.

Artificial intelligence, however, is increasingly more capable of predicting which keywords will get to the top search spots based on individualized information such as someone’s location, search history, etc. Google is working on analyzing human behavior rather than simply keywords or links as it had in the past. In gathering information from a user’s activity on social media, Google is revolutionizing both search engine and social media marketing by fine-tuning search results based on data gathered across a person’s web activity to determine which pages rise to the top on each unique web surfer’s browser.

Through the use of complex algorithms, artificial intelligence is further trying to comprehend and mirror the human evaluation of a page. Experts predict that AI may soon be able to perform these tasks better than any human being. AI developed argue that the more human the technology ‘thinks,’ the better it can attend to users’ needs.

Average web content developers now fear whether they will be able to compete with the unprecedented capabilities of artificial intelligence. Experts maintain, however, that a deep understanding of one’s target audience will remain key to being found, and advise independent content creators to focus on creating the best quality content rather than gaming the system simply to get to the top. Furthermore, they urge content developers to evaluate their pages from the human perspective as artificial intelligence is quickly heading in this direction.

Some applications, however, completely change the way you search. Advertising media seeks to completely alter search engine marketing by generating a system that gives equal opportunity by free ads to all websites that register through their application. With their revolutionary system, one’s ability to pay their way into a top spot will not affect the listing position of their website. Rather, each site will go through a rotation process where it will begin at the lowest rank and move up progressively until it reaches the top. As the site moves up the ranks, it will enjoy the 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd positions as well, which also allow high likelihood for visibility.

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