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Is High-Tech Always Better Than the Old Standards?

When you listen to older generations, you hear that everything was better when they were young. But, is this true? Let’s take a look at some everyday items that have seen significant technological changes. While some changes in materials may have created lower-quality products, you will have plenty of arguments ready when your grandmother laments the loss of the old days.


Even your landline phones are equipped with more powerful features than the old rotary products. Thanks to speed dial, you probably don’t remember friends’ phone numbers anymore, and some phones can even be programmed so that they don’t ring while you’re sleeping, block robocalls, and more. If you have an Internet-based system, you can also set up your phones to ring on your cell phone simultaneously so that you never miss a call.

Of course, your smart cell phone is probably more powerful than most old-style computers. With the right apps, you can do anything, from comparison shopping to handling your finances.

The biggest reason why rotary phones should still exist is that it’s entertaining to watch videos of younger people try to figure out how to use them. Good news: you don’t need to buy your rotary phone to share in the fun.

Entertainment Media

Who could argue that entertainment is much better, thanks to digital vs. analog transmission? It’s available on the TV, any computer, and phone so you can stay amused anywhere.

On the other hand, old-style TV was less expensive than buying the equipment and media that most people need to purchase now. Additionally, while high-definition images are fantastic, people who remember analog TV also recall that they didn’t even know what the term “pixilation” means.


There’s something to be said for digital books. They are less expensive, they are virtually weightless, and they’re more adjustable for people with less-than-perfect vision. People who like tidy homes also appreciate the fact that they save space, and there is no need to find a home for the books that are no longer needed.

Still, plenty of people prefer the look and feel of old-style books. Additionally, filled bookshelves make a decorating statement and serve as an instant sign of intelligent people.

Office Equipment

Have you tried to use a typewriter lately? Word processing on a computer is much easier while correcting errors on the fly. You will also find that library reference sections are much emptier now that you can research on the Internet.

Similarly, old-style fax machines are becoming things of the past now that many online faxing services are available. When you use a reputable service, your incoming and outgoing faxes are likely to be more secure, while keeping them organized is much easier.

Some people still find it convenient to carry a portable calculator to check charges on restaurant checks or figure out tips. Of course, these functions can be performed on your smartphone very effectively.

If You Want to Save Time, Today’s Technology Wins the Race

No doubt, many of today’s products don’t withstand wear and tear as well as the old ones. When it comes to personal productivity and convenience, however, current technology wins out every time. If you enjoy the look and feel that is afforded by using old-style things, you can still buy many of them. But, if you prefer to get more done, the latest and greatest technology gives you the power you need.

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