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Fallout Bottle Caps
July 2, 2021

Fallout Bottle Caps The Amazing In-game Currency

Bottle caps or put simply, caps, are the standard currency in Fallout 76. They are used as currency throughout Appalachia and the post-war United States of America. They can be obtained from most Nuka-Colas.

Important details regarding caps:

  • They cant be stored or dropped
  • They’re arranged randomly on some chessboards
  • The common ways of earning them are: winning PVP combat, revenge, or bounties
  • Some amount of caps are also found in caps stashes
  • A player cant possess more than 30,000 caps

You can make up to 1400 caps/day taking a tour of vendors and destroying locations near vendors to acquire stuff to sell. While doing this, you can earn an additional 200 caps from loot. You can also farm certain areas like the white springs and watoga, then sell to the vendors there.

One obvious method to earn more caps is by not spending existing caps. Don’t spend them on fast traveling, ballistic fiber, crafting material, etc. You can sell a large number of caps (if you have them) to other players. Also, collecting aid and apparel and junk (on alternating days) helps increase the number of caps you have.

A personal favorite of a lot of players in the vendor run, where you produce lots of bucks and chems and sell them to vendors. To get even more, you can focus on ammo, serums, and fluxes.

Some players sell weapons, aid items, and unjunked items to vendors. (Plates and stuff that haven’t been scrapped yet, so they’re sellable). Cap stashes dotted around the map help out a little too.

If you restrict travel to 2 or 3 vendors a day and rarely buy anything with caps at all (unless it’s much-needed ammo that you’re too lazy to craft or a plan from a vendor), you can increase your cap collection, no cap. Remember that being in a team helps, as you can travel fast for free.

If you’re feeling a bit monstrous, you can kill people over level 100 as a lower level at workshops. They then seek revenge, and you start raking in money. You can make 3000 caps (easily) off two guys at, say, the ammo factory.

You can also farm legendaries and sell the good ones to other players. Same for junk, treasure maps, anything. Get something, find a buyer, boom, you’ve got a fat stack of caps.

If you’ve got some (serious) radiation protection, you can loot an irradiated area after a nuke has landed. It’s risky, but the rewards are well worth it.

But we haven’t yet covered farming (at least not in much detail). A popular method is to head to the Mothman Museum area and look for Mothman eggs. Collect some eggs (the more the merrier) and then load into a new server and collect more. Each of these eggs will go for around 4 caps, which will quickly add up to a juicier amount. The main problem that you may run into is that vendors in a server only have a limited amount of caps to give you, but don’t worry, this system refreshes over some time.

If you’re feeling like killing some baddies, try killing Super Mutants. They are an enemy in the game that carries Caps on them, so killing them and looting them should give a decent amount of caps. One area that is particularly great for farming Super Mutants is the Eastern Regional Penitentiary. Just reload a server and then head there. There are usually around 20 Super Mutants to take on in this area, so kill them, collect Caps, then repeat.

If you’re a new player, try Tadpole Athlete’s course, a very quick mini-quest that gives a reward and can be replayed as many times as you like. The main objective is to deactivate all the traps which you should take your time to complete.

You can also buy Fallout 76 Caps on the Eldorado platform! That’s it; these are some of the best ways to collect caps in FO76. Happy collecting!

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