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July 18, 2022

Facebook vs Instagram for Marketing: Which Is Best for Your Brand?

It’s a choice you’re probably going to have to make at one point or another: Facebook vs Instagram for marketing. They’re both great platforms.

Facebook has over 3 billion monthly active users, while Instagram has over 2 billion. Assuming you want to reach as many people as possible, Facebook is the obvious choice, right? The answer’s not that simple.

Of course, you don’t want to blow your marketing budget on a platform that won’t bring you the best results. So, keep reading to learn more about the key differences between Facebook and Instagram marketing so you can make an informed decision.

Facebook vs. Instagram: Audience

If you’re trying to market to young people, Instagram is the place to be. Instagram has more than three times the number of teen users than Facebook does.

As far as education goes, this isn’t such good news for Instagram—Facebook has nearly twice as many college graduates among its users compared with Instagram’s audience. 

Instagram vs. Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads are very similar. They both allow you to target your audience and tell them about your business in a way that’s more engaging than a plain old ad. But there are some differences between the two, which can make one better than the other for your business.

Instagram Ads Are More Expensive

On Instagram, advertisers pay twice as much per click as they do on Facebook. So, if you’re on a budget, Instagram might not be the best place to advertise.

Facebook Ads Reach More People

Overall, Facebook has more users than Instagram. You have a better chance of generating leads when you’re being shown to a larger audience.

Why Companies Use Instagram Marketing

Most companies use Instagram as a visual storytelling tool where brands can engage people who follow them. The average user spends at least 30 minutes on the platform every day. So, it’s a good way to reach people who are already engaged with other brands.

Why Businesses Use Facebook Marketing

Facebook offers a variety of ways to target your audience—by age group, gender, interests, and location—so you can reach the right people with your brand’s message. Because Facebook has such a large user base (over 2 billion active monthly users), there are plenty of opportunities to reach your target market.

If this is the marketing avenue you choose, brush up on the social media listening definition and add it to your strategy.

Add Flair to Your Social Media Presence

When it comes to Facebook vs Instagram, the best way to decide which one is right for you is to look at your target audience and figure out where they spend their time online. If they’re mostly on Instagram, then that’s probably where you should focus your resources. If not, Facebook might be a better bet since it has more users than any other social network.

But before reaching out to your potential customers, read our marketing blogs to learn how to drive traffic and sales from your social media efforts.

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