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The Evolution of Mobile Phones

If you are of a certain age, you will remember when mobile phones first started to become mainstream in the 1980s. This was when they were often used by so-called yuppies – city workers with filo-faxes and suits who could often be seen in the street speaking on their mobiles. Sadly, the mobiles that they had were not really very mobile at all because of their large size. In fact, they were difficult to carry around in pockets or bags.

Fortunately, the mobile industry and technology have come a long way since then and today mobiles are slim, lightweight, and extremely portable. It is not just the size and appearance of these devices that has changed, however. They have also become far more versatile regarding what they can do, with people using them for everything from entertainment apps and shopping through to research and more.

Handheld computers and so much more…

The phones that were described above – the old 1980s brick-sized phones – could only do one thing; dealing with calls. Other than making or taking calls, there was literally nothing else you could do. Today’s phones are like handheld computers and a lot more. You can do so much with them these days that you literally have a wide range of devices all wrapped up into one very compact gadget that you can carry around everywhere with you.

Of course, making and taking calls is one of the things that you can do. However, people now use their phones to communicate in a variety of other ways, which has resulted in far fewer people actually using them for calls. Texting, instant messages, social media, and face to face apps like WhatsApp enable people to use all sorts of communication options to speak or converse with one another.

Of course, phones are no longer just about communication either. People now use them for entertainment to watch movies, shows or listen to music. They are used for browsing the internet, carrying out banking, doing some shopping, and pretty much anything else you can do online. On top of all this, we have the additional features that these phones now offer such as being able to very high quality photos and videos.

With so many features and so much advancement, it is difficult to believe the difference between the first mainstream mobile phones and current ones. In fact, there is no comparison really other than the fact that they are used for calls. The design, size, shape, features, and capabilities are so different it is sometimes hard to believe how much these devices and technology, in general, have evolved.

With today’s phones, we practically have a mini computer that we can carry around everywhere. Also, we no longer have to rely on gadgets such as video cameras, music players, or digital cameras, because the average mobile phone provides you with all of these features. All that remains to be seen is what the next generation of mobile phones will be able to do!

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