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Who are the Czech Republic’s Most Successful Pro Gamers?

The Czech Republic has given the world many sporting greats. From the likes of tennis players ranging from Martina Navratilova to Petra Kvitova, to football stars such as Roma’s Patrik Schick, the small nation has left a surprisingly large footprint on the sporting world. But away from traditional sports such as football and tennis, it seems as though the Czech Republic’s pro gamers are also punching well above their weight.

From the likes of Oskar working wonders in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive realm to Ex0rath’s impressive Overwatch skills, it looks like the Czech Republic is at the forefront of the competitive gaming phenomenon.

Competitive gaming or esports is now a billion dollar industry that has become big news in all corners of the world. From legendary football clubs like Sparta Prague partnering up with esports teams to beer companies such as Bud Light sponsoring competitive gaming tournaments, there’s no stopping this surprising entertainment trend. But who are the Czech gamers who are spearheading this competitive gaming revolution?

When it comes to earnings from competitive gaming alone, then there is little doubt that Tomas ‘oskar’ Stastny is in a league of his own. This 28-year old pro gamer has become one of Europe’s premier players for the Counter-Strike Global Offensive game. As part of the HellRaisers esports team, Oskar has managed to pick up an astonishing £323,000 in prize winnings to date.

The Czech gamer first really came on the scene in 2012, but it was when Oskar put down an impressive performance in the FACEIT Pro League in 2015 that he became one of the nation’s most feared players of this classic multiplayer first-person shooter.

It’s also always interesting to see which video games certain countries take to their heart. In terms of the Czech Republic, it seems as though we have a higher proportion of top-level Hearthstone players than most other nations. Hearthstone is set in the World of Warcraft universe but is a collectible card game that has become one of the surprise hits of the esports world.

Top Czech gamers such as StanCifka, Faeli, and Pokravac have managed to earn some decent prize winnings from their Hearthstone campaigns over the years. When it comes to some of the more recent esports hits like Overwatch, then you might not see too many Czech stars featured in the odds at betting resources such as, but it’s clear that the Czech Republic is taking competitive gaming to its heart.

Nowhere is this better seen than when it comes to the League of Legends game. This battle arena title is well-known as being the world’s most popular esport, and there have been a decent amount of Czech pro gamers who have helped this come about.

Take the respected LoL gamer Nardeus who quickly became known as one of the game’s best bot laners. Thanks to his performances with the Czech esports team eSuba, Nardeus quickly picked up some decent prize winnings and was even signed up by the Paris Saint Germain esports organization for their 2017 campaign.

But it doesn’t stop there as the 19-year old gamer Marek ‘Humanoid’ Brazda has grown to be an excellent LoL mid-laner for the Splyce esports team, while Petr ‘denyk’ Haramach plays the important support role for Vodafone Giants Spain. And whether it’s straca3 showing off his skills in Magic: The Gathering game or Radek delivering another gaming masterclass in H1Z1, it seems as though Czech gamers have truly helped competitive gaming become a global sensation.

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