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December 29, 2021

Cryptex – Buy, Sell and Store Crypto Anonymously with KYC-Free Crypto Trading Platform

The term cryptocurrency has made headlines for a multitude of reasons in the past several years. Based on Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are, as suggested by the name, digital currencies imprinted by a unique digital code. Cryptocurrencies are not issued by any government authority, which makes them impervious to interference from a central authority. Among the thousands of cryptocurrencies available now, perhaps the most famous one is Bitcoin – the first cryptocurrency in the world. 

A major feature of cryptocurrencies is trade exchange. Customers can buy and sell any cryptocurrency at a proper marketplace, known as crypto trading platforms. These spaces work similarly to the ones in real life – investors create their specific types and engage in business with buyers. One of the major requirements for such trading platforms is KYC. To counter and safeguard transactions from scams, KYC requirements are used for verification. But the catch – your anonymity is at stake. Most people still opt to use a KYC-required platform over concerns of security. If you are an investor concerned about protecting your identity in the crypto world and having a secure platform for transactions, Cryptex helps you to trade cryptocurrencies without verification. 

Being an automatic online service, Cryptex helps you trade Bitcoins without any hassle for real cash or bank transfer and vice-versa. One of the biggest advantages of using Cryptex is that no registration is required. During an online exchange, an investor can buy or sell Bitcoins in a minute without any limits. Cryptex operates with cash in 16 countries, with a 24/7 operating service in English and Russian. This ensures that the investors can find a platform close to home, as well as buyers from different locations. Cryptex users get access to a lot of benefits while using the trading platform for purchasing, selling, storing, and exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptos. In the nearest future Cryptex will roll out a business payment solution for eCommerce to enable website owners to start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through Cryptex secure and anonymous payment gateway.

This trading platform offers secure cryptocurrency wallets – hence an investor need not be worried about any sort of data leak during the exchange, which is a major aspect to be considered before trading on any crypto exchange platform. The whole exchange will be fully anonymous, giving the investor utmost privacy, and at no stage shall any verification be required. During the exchange, Cryptex offers the best exchange rates for your bitcoin trade, in tandem with the present market value. An investor can initiate the deal by providing just an email id – no further details are required. And to top it all, the user can fix the exchange rate. If that doesn’t turn out to be satisfactory, the money can be refunded using Cryptex code. 

The 0% trade fee for the liquidity provider is another added advantage. Most crypto exchange platforms require a trade fee in addition to KYC, thus your financial aims suffer a setback. But with Cryptex, you can scale new heights on this aspect as well. These merits make Cryptex stand several cuts above other crypto trading platforms without registration. Finding a good crypto exchange platform that offers anonymity and security is no longer a tedious task with Cryptex.

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