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March 25, 2022

The Real Benefits of Using Scheduling Software

When running your business, you are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities that bring in capital. However, most owners are unaware of the benefits scheduling software can provide. 

Therefore, we have researched and presented how just by using scheduling software, your business can run much more efficiently, in ways you might never have even considered. 

Be On the Same Page

When you are manually scheduling or even using Excel, the truth is, only you have control over the schedule. By choosing the right scheduling software, your employees can view the weeks ahead for themselves. 

By having access to the schedule, workers can keep up to date with scheduling updates as they happen. Employees can also easily request absences (paid time off and sick days), right from the app. 

Choosing the Right Scheduling Software

The right employee scheduling app keeps everyone on the same page and aware of any changes in real-time. These apps (including our favorite, Connecteam) offer your business everything you need in terms of business and employee management. 

Connecteam’s scheduling software is advanced and yet easy to use. You can:

  • Easily copy and paste previous schedules
  • Drag and drop 
  • Cut out any scheduling conflicts
  • Avoid double scheduling
  • Add notes, pictures, videos, and more directly onto the shift

And so much more. 

With Connecteam, employees also have access to their schedules, even when changes happen. Any changes made to the schedule are updated in real-time, with employees registering their availability and unavailability. That means, if last-minute changes occur, you can easily see who’s available and simply get in touch with them. You can also leave open shifts for workers to claim for themselves. 

For managers or owners, you no longer need to sit for hours trying to figure out who’s working when. You just open the app and the information you need is all in front of you. 

Connecteam doesn’t just assist with scheduling: it has an advanced time clock, task management, helps with your employee communication and engagement, and so much more.

Delegate Resources 

If you’re still scheduling via pen and paper, Excel, or any other laborious, non-digitized system, then you likely experience a lot of complications, errors, and maybe even overbooking of staff. When you use a scheduling tool you can have the right amount of workers on the shift, as well as being able to easily pair up more experienced staff members with new hires (for example). 

Cut Out Scheduling Conflicts

With scheduling software available, you can easily avoid any conflicts and errors. From employees losing their schedule to not remembering where they’re meant to be (or when), even to making sure they’re clocking in on time, a solid scheduling app will make sure all of the above is a non-issue.   

Hence, why using a software solution makes a big difference. This is because everything is centralized, meaning your staff opens their app and they can view their schedules, even when there are last-minute updates. There is no question of times and places they should be and this cuts out all the confusion.

The Advantages of Scheduling Software

When you work with a team that’s all spread out, you need the right equipment to keep up with everyone. When you are tirelessly trying to keep your team happy and content, you need the right tools to be able to do so. That’s why many businesses are turning to schedule software to make the burden lighter. 

Your employees will feel valued and their needs matter too. You get to cut out the confusion, errors, and most of all you keep down your costs. This is because you have the right staff working at the right times. Scheduling software can and will only improve your business’ efficiency, budget, and time-saving – and we think once you adopt it, you’ll never look back.

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