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BackStreet Surveillance Breaks Down the Most Effective Locations for Digital Security Cameras

Having a robust home security system is a crucial investment in the safety of your home. Not only your possessions but also your family and pets could be at risk if you do not have a security system. According to a 2013 study by the University of North Carolina – Charlotte, 83 percent of would-be burglars check for an alarm system. 60% of these people are deterred from attempting a break-in. This makes the decision to install an alarm system an easy one.

When considering a home security system, homeowners should do their research. Security cameras and other surveillance equipment need to be placed carefully for the best results. BackStreet Surveillance shares the 5 best places to put security cameras.

1. Front Door

A front door is an excellent place for a security camera. 34% of burglars enter the home through the front door, and it is one of the first areas that burglars will check before attempting a break-in. The camera should not be placed any higher than 7 feet above the door, and the camera should be angled down for the best images of a would-be burglar’s face.

A doorbell camera such as those by Ring or Nest can also be useful every day for basic needs such as monitoring home deliveries and checking to see whether children and family members have returned home.

2. Back and Side Doors

22% of burglars enter through the back and side doors. People may be more suspicious of a stranger in a neighbor’s backyard than at the front door. It is also a good idea to point cameras at your outdoor shed since there are many valuable items stored in these places.

3. Window Placement

First-floor windows are an important area to cover, with 23% of burglars turning to these windows if the front and back doors are secure. Most burglars will check for locks on these windows; they should be kept locked at all times when homeowners are not in the room.

When placing cameras near the first-floor windows, keep in mind that they should not be easily disabled. It is all too easy for an experienced burglar to disable and perhaps even steal these cameras. Be creative when you position them. Also, positioning cameras inside with a good view of the windows is a good idea.

4. Garage

Many burglars will attempt to enter the home through the garage, especially if there are cameras on the doors and windows. Many people leave the interior doors from the garage unlocked. If a burglar finds your garage door open, you will be vulnerable to theft. Place cameras inside and outside the garage.

5. Interior Cameras

Placement of interior cameras is less of an exact science. You may want to install them near your most valuable possessions, such as computers and jewelry. Having a camera in a child’s room can bring parents a feeling of safety and security.

Final Thoughts

The final tip from BackStreet Surveillance may seem like a no-brainer, but many people leave themselves vulnerable to theft in this way. Always be sure to lock your home, car, garage, and windows. Many casual thieves will check whether your home and car are locked and move about their business if they find they can’t enter. This can help to eliminate crimes of opportunity.

With a robust home security system, you will have greater peace of mind in your home. Your valuable possessions will be kept safe. The most important people in the world, your family, will be far safer with a security system than without. A security system is a crucial step in providing safety and happiness for your family.

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