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November 23, 2021

Albert Boufarah Discusses How SAMR Inc. Helps To Properly Dispose of Old Tech

Many major companies frequently find themselves with a large volume of computer and IT equipment to be recycled. Company leaders may be overwhelmed with the responsibility of disposing of an excessive amount of IT equipment at once, which can often lead to procrastination on the matter.

Albert Boufarah of SAMR Inc., an electronics recycler based in Lakewood, NJ, wants all businesses to know that their services are available for anyone seeking to discard a large number of desktop computers, cellphones, laptops, and other electronic equipment safely and securely.

Security: The Most Important Concern

A discarded computer or hard drive may contain proprietary information that could endanger your business, as well as the privacy and financial security of your clients. Educational, medical, and financial institutions especially need to pay close attention to this matter and ensure that their machines are securely recycled along with data being wiped and/or destroyed.

Even if a hard drive is wiped using drive reformatting or software solutions, the data may still be accessible to an experienced data scavenger. SAMR Inc. performs Department of Defense (DOD) standard wipes or physical destruction of all drives, ensuring that there will no longer be a concern of anyone gaining access to you or your clients’ personal information.

Computers can also be illicitly accessed while they are waiting to be recycled. Albert Boufarah & SAMR Inc. take extensive measures to ensure that their facility is under constant surveillance, with security present to ensure that only their experienced staff has access to all devices.

Services Provided by SAMR Inc.

Following are some of the most popular services provided by Albert Boufarah and his company:

Cellphone Recycling

Modern smartphones contain as much personal data as desktop PCs or laptops. People use their cell phones to store personal and financial data and their family and friends’ contact information and treasured photos. People who fail to recycle their cellphones properly may find that they unexpectedly fall into the wrong hands and that their data is exposed or possibly even sold by hackers. Companies should treat their mobile phones with the same level of security concern as their laptops and desktop PCs.

SAMR Inc. provides easy and safe recycling of mobile phones, removing reusable materials like glass and precious metals and securely destroying the data held within.

Laptop Recycling

Laptops are another rich source of information that hackers attempt to exploit. They should be treated with care. SAMR Inc. can wipe or destroy hard drives, remove all possibility of accessing data in the future, and properly recycle each machine’s components.

IT Equipment Recycling

Desktop PCs, laptops, and cell phones are not the only types of equipment in need of recycling. IT equipment like servers, cables, power supplies, and other items also need to be properly managed. These items can contain as many hazardous substances as desktops and laptops, as well as metals that can be repurposed. SAMR Inc. recycles all of this material and then some.

Battery Recycling

Batteries are another popular item for recycling. Laptop and cell phone batteries contain dangerous substances like lithium and mercury. These items should never be thrown in the regular trash and cannot be processed at a landfill or incinerator. Only a qualified tech recycling center like SAMR Inc. can handle these materials properly.

Environmental Concerns

Albert Boufarah and SAMR Inc. are highly concerned about the fragile state of the world’s environment. Improper disposal of e-waste can create polluted groundwater & soil and cause human & wildlife health problems. Dangerous heavy metals and other pollutants can be found in old computers, cell phones, and IT equipment, and experienced recyclers are trained to separate these hazardous materials from recyclable items.

When going through the process of e-waste & computer recycling, facilities need to follow careful procedures. SAMR Inc. carries numerous certifications and follows all state & federal regulations regarding recycling.

It’s the Law

While proper e-waste recycling is the right thing to do, it is also the law in much of the country. Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey are only a few areas where state and municipal laws mandate e-waste recycling. Companies that improperly dispose of their e-waste may be subject to civil and possibly criminal penalties.

Recycling Responsibly

Albert Boufarah and SAMR Inc. can handle any e-waste job, be it large or small. They can dispose of e-waste safely, conveniently, and in a manner befitting environmental concerns. If data security and good stewardship of the environment are important to your company, contact SAMR Inc. to receive a quote on old computers disposal.

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