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May 3, 2021

7 Gaming Trends To Look Out For in 2021

As usual, gaming reaches new heights, and 2021 is already full of exciting virtual creations. Pretty much everyone likes video games nowadays, whether they’re young, old, rich, poor, etc. Certain trends will make our gaming experience even more exciting in 2021!

Action games are known to enhance attentional control, gaming, in general, provides a 23 percent gain over traditional learning, and the list of benefits could continue. Therefore, if you want to enter the gaming world or you’re already a gamer, you must take into account the following trends in 2021:

Cloud gaming is the new standard

Many gamers had a lot of headaches as they were struggling to upgrade their PC components to run their favorite titles. You have to do a lot of research to be sure that a graphics card will be able to collaborate with the processor, the RAM, and so on. Last but not least, it means that by upgrading your PC, you’ll have to spend plenty of money. But there’s one way of getting rid of all this hard work: play on cloud gaming platforms. Of course, you’ll still have to spend a few dollars, but it’s a lot more convenient to buy a subscription for a cloud gaming service such as Google Stadia or GeForce Now. Cloud gaming is built to skip you from all the stress of searching for the right hardware to play a game. Instead, you’ll get to enjoy your favorite games on a virtual computer.

Stream your gameplay

Streaming your gameplay so that others will see how you behave in games and bring their suggestions became a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. Twitch is one of the platforms that focus on such activities, and it has a staggering amount of monthly active users: 140 million.

The next-generation consoles

Last year in November, Sony and Microsoft released their next-generation consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, respectively. This could only mean that 2021 is the year of the next-gen consoles ascension, and so it is. The PlayStation 5 console had over 6 million sales worldwide as of March 2021. On the other hand, VGChartz reveals that the Xbox Series X/S has sold about 3.94 million units worldwide.

More remakes

There are so many exciting games that land into the ‘oldies but goldies’ category! Game developers know that, which is why they should insist more in 2021 with remakes of legendary titles. The remake version of Final Fantasy 7 from 1997, for instance, arrived in April 2020, and it was extremely well received by the fans.

Mobile gaming is on the rise

Playing games on Android gadgets and iPhones faced an unprecedented growth in popularity in the last months. Carrying your favorite games around anytime is much more convenient than taking care of an entire rig that needs to be connected to a socket. Adding the fact that you can easily connect a Bluetooth controller to that smartphone or even a monitor, there’s no wonder why mobile gaming became so popular. If we look at 2020, the gaming industry had the biggest success for mobile devices, reaching annual revenues of about $86.3 billion.

Multiplayer gaming is better

Popular games such as FIFA 21, Fortnite, PUBG, or Apex Legends have huge online communities, as many people enjoy meeting virtually and playing such titles. Apex Legends, for instance, counted about 100 million players across the globe, according to estimated data from 2020. Fortnite, on the other hand, has about 350 million players worldwide as of May 2020. Many two-player games can be played on online platforms.

More esports are on the way

Since the ongoing pandemic managed to slow down a lot of sports competitions across the world and forbid access of spectators, it only means that the gaming industry has to give more attention to esports (also known as e-sports, eSports, and electronic sports). We’re talking about a form of multiplayer and organized competitions through gaming.

Gaming offers an extra amount of flavor to our lives, and the industry will continue to flourish.

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