6 Ways to Improve How Your Automobile Looks and Functions

6 Ways to Improve How Your Automobile Looks and Functions

We all want our car to look its best. There are always ways to get the most out of our vehicle before we should start to think about trading up.

Here are a few of the ways to improve the looks and function of your motor car:

1. Auto Detailing

There is a car wash and then there is auto detailing. If you haven’t had time to take your car to get its auto detailing done, then try to fit it in over the Christmas to New Year period. Auto detailing includes a thorough cleaning of the exterior of the vehicle, a cleaning and vacuuming of the interior, and polishing the cleaned car up to a fine sheen. The vehicle should look like new, sparkle, be clean, and smell great on the inside too. A high quality auto detailing could take several hours to complete and you’ll need to leave the vehicle at the auto detailing business and get a ride back.

2. Protect Car Parts with Plasti Dip

Plasti dip is a coating that can be put over a car part like expensive rims, and the part will be protected from dirt, grime, and other unwanted particles that can build up and cause corrosion. The Plasti dip product stays applied whether experiencing -30°F or 200°F weather. There are numerous Plasti dip colors available too so you should find one that meets your car’s color scheme.

3. Sat Nav or Google Maps

Whether you prefer to buy a standalone Sat Nav unit for the vehicle or you’re happy with a smartphone holder in the car and Google Maps open, one of these navigational solutions will get you to where you want to go in 2016 with the minimum of fuss.

4. Vehicle Servicing

We get so busy that we often forget the regular schedule for servicing our vehicle. Yet servicing a vehicle on a regular basis helps to isolate issues that are coming up, ensures the oil and other items are changed, and checks over important areas that are worth verifying are functioning as they should. Book your vehicle in for a service when it is next due and don’t miss the appointment. You can often save money by pre-emptively dealing with problems before they become significant ones that’ll cost much more to fix.

5. Upgrade the Stereo

If you haven’t already done it, upgrading the stereo system in the vehicle is a great change to make. In most modern vehicles, the stereo system is integrated into the master ECU, but the stereo head unit can be removed and replaced with a better quality one with more features. New speakers can also be installed to improve the sound quality as well.

6. Aftermarket Parts

There are thousands of aftermarket parts that can be added to modify the appearance of the vehicle. Everything from fancy spoilers to more attractive rims or improved seat covers are available. Aftermarket parts should be registered with your insurer otherwise they often won’t be covered under an insurance policy.

You drive your vehicle every day and because of this you should want to create the best experience for yourself when using it. Making improvements isn’t always going to be expensive and it can provide a great deal of pleasure.

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