European tech companies form alliance

New group will be a resource for governments and institutions

A group of high-tech companies announced the formation of the European Tech Alliance, designed as a resource for European governments and EU institutions to help the industry scale up and create jobs in Europe, the group said in a press release.

Two Czech-based antivirus and cyber security firms, Avast Software and AVG, and Czech search engine Seznam.cz were among the founders.

“We have formed an alliance to share our collective experience with policymakers and challenge mindsets about Europe, technology, and the Internet,” said Niklas Zennström, president of the group and the co-founder of Skype. He is now founder and CEO at Atomico.

“There are so many European tech company success stories. We think we will be able to help European leaders understand that Europe is good at tech and show how policymakers can clear the way for the tech industry to grow further,” he added.

European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip, who is leading the Digital Single Market strategy, endorsed the creation of the Alliance.

“I am delighted that the Alliance has come together to open a new line of communication with policymakers in the EU. Their experience of building businesses from the ground up in Europe will be an important contribution as we create a Digital Single Market,” he said.

Zennström said that the alliance will look to further the goals of the Commission’s proposed digital strategy.

“The next 12 to 18 months will be particularly critical because the European Commission is writing rules to carry out its Digital Single Market strategy, aimed at clearing the way for all tech players — from the EU and beyond — to invest, grow, and prosper in Europe,” he said.

Vince Steckler, the CEO of Prague-based Avast, said he was optimistic the alliance would be productive. “We hope the European Tech Alliance provides a forum for us to help European regulators reach sensible and informed decisions about the digital economy,” he said.

The alliance will look to work with European Union institutions and Member States and commit to share their experience of building tech companies in Europe, so that any legislation or regulation that the EU looks to introduce nurtures the tech sector and enables it to compete on a global level.

It includes companies built in Europe that have recently found success in the tech sector, and who are looking to scale up and are committed to being part of growing the digital economy.

Scaling up existing businesses in the region is vital for Europe as it can help generate jobs, growth, and consumer value.

Other founding members include Spotify, Mommondo Group, Rovio Entertainment, BlaBlaCar, King, Klarna, FacilityLive, Audioteka, Supercell, Barnabys, Brand24, Appear [here], Dreamstime, Just Spices, and Made.com, among others.

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