5 Ways Biotech Industry Has Evolved

The biotech industry has evolved a lot with the progressing technology. The progressing of the biotech industry has made not only a significant impact on the healthcare systems but also the food and food testing systems. It has altered the way food is checked, packaged, tested, etc.

The biotechnology industry has evolved in many ways, but the technological uses have changed the whole outlook of how this industry impacts the other sectors.

Here are the five ways in which the biotech industry has evolved.

Portable Water Testing

It is hard to gulp the fact that there are countries like Africa that are deprived of the primary necessity of life, which is clean drinking water. There is no availability of clean water sources in countries like Africa. Women have to jug the water pots on their heads and have to travel long distances to get clean water for their families.

Moreover, this world is suffering from diseases caught by contaminated water. Thanks to advancement in the biotech industry, the improvements in water testing has changed the world and decreased the number of water contaminant diseases. Recombinant gene technology is being used by the industrialists to test if the drinking water is safe for the public or not.

Increased Nutritional Value

Gene expression control is yet another example of how the biotech industry has evolved. Certain fruits, vegetables, and crops are being changed by using advanced methods. Industrialists are now using ways that can increase the concentrations of disease-fighting and nutritional compounds in the crops and foods.

This strategy can be used to treat many diseases and health problems such as cancers, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol level.

Higher Quality Crops

Agricultural biotechnology has excelled in research and testing. They research a lot of things. They are now able to evolve the whole agricultural biotech industry. They are currently producing pathogen-resistant crops which can yield more nutrients and fight chronic diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, tumor, etc.

Moreover, they are also working on technology which could produce and grow crops in bulk so that the food can be provided to impoverished nations like Africa. The technology Transgenic BT-corn is now used by the agricultural biotech industries to produce genetically altered crops that can resist the diseases spread by mold, fungi, and insects.

Packaging to Reduce Spoilage

Packaging inhibits the growth of bacteria. Hence, it prolongs the life of food. Biodegradable polymers have been integrated with natural ingredients like oregano, thyme, cloves, and paprika to control the growth of fungus, mold, and bacteria. Industrialists are now using smart polymers, which can prevent the damage to the biofilm formation.

Reduced Health Risk

Plants are modified in a way so that they can produce more fatty acids, which are useful to our health. Fatty acids found in plants can increase the oxidants in our bodies. Hence, improving our overall health. Modifications are being done to reduce the concentration of harmful fatty acids, which sometimes clog our blood arteries.


Here are the top 5 ways in which the biotechnology industry has evolved and has benefited the human race. More advancements are yet to come. The more technology will progress, the more this industry will flourish.

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