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5 Productivity Apps You Can Install on Your Windows PC

Productivity apps are always there to lend us a helping hand. Whether we want to use them at our workplace or while we’re working on a personal hobby, there are so many productivity apps available for Windows PC that we can choose from. Time is a luxury we usually don’t have nowadays, and that’s a critical aspect that productivity apps are aiming at.

By using the software that we’ll gladly be recommending in this article, you’ll become a lot more productive by saving time and doing tasks better than you would have done with other apps, devices, or by any other methods.


If you wish to write plain text smartly but the good old Notepad is not enough, it means you must give Notepad++ a try. This latter program offers very helpful features, and you’ll love it even more if you wish to write programming code while using it. The program offers collapsing and uncollapsing levels in outline or other structured documents, auto-saving, syntax highlighting as you write programming code, a multi-column editing feature, and a lot more.


There are moments when you just can’t fix an error or unpleasant situation by yourself, regardless of how much online research you’re doing. You need somebody else to take over your PC and see what’s wrong. Instead of physically coming to your house, that person can simply use a program like TeamViewer to see exactly what’s cooking on your computer. He can see absolutely everything that runs on your PC – the configuration, the files, the opened programs, and those that are running in the background, everything. However, this is done only when you give your permission and share a password with the other person that’s instantly generated by the TeamViewer app itself.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web allows you to enjoy on your Windows PC pretty much all the features that are present on the mobile version of the Facebook-owned instant messaging app. Collaborating with your colleagues via video calls is a crucial aspect of teamwork nowadays, and WhatsApp Web proudly offers that feature as well if you’re using Windows 10. You can also send text and audio messages, enter groups, send disappearing messages, and many more. Just like the version for Android and iOS, WhatsApp for PC is also free to use.


Perhaps each of us saw a lot of useful apps for Android phones that we would surely like to see running on PC or Mac as well. The BlueStacks program offers us that chance, as we’re talking about one of the most popular Android emulators. BlueStacks takes full advantage of the computer’s hardware power and lets the user run even the most advanced apps and mobile games without frame drops.

BlueStacks also has some special and useful features, and we can mention: Multi-Instance, Macros, Smart Controls, Rerolling, Eco Mode, Real-time Translation, Native Gamepad, Game Controls, Support, and Multi-Instance Sync.


 DisplayFusion allows the user to manage multiple monitors at once. Having more than one monitor connected to your hardware offers an extra level of comfort, especially for advanced tasks and gaming. DisplayFusion is easily the multi-monitor tool for Windows that has the most features. You can use the software to create profiles to establish window sizes and positions, add a taskbar for each of the monitors, set the same wallpaper for all monitors, and more. DisplayFusion is usually free, but if you purchase the Pro version for only $29, you’ll have access to interesting features such as monitoring fading.

Feel free to tell us in a comment about your favorite productivity apps that you like to use on your Windows PC! There are so many others out there that you can try for improving your productivity!

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