Flying car Aeromobil prototype crashes in Slovakia

Inventor has been working on Jetsons-type vehicle for 25 years

Bratislava, May 9 (ČTK) — The prototype of a unique flying car crashed in Nitra, west Slovakia, on Friday, but its pilot and inventor Štefan Klein suffered only light injuries since he activated a parachute in time, Slovak media have reported.

When the engine was falling from the altitude of 200 meters, Klein managed to open a parachute in the air and soften the landing shock.

The flying car is being developed and prepared for production by the AeroMobil company.

Its chief designer Klein has been dealing with the idea of a flying car for 25 years.

The first units of the “amphibious” car with folding wings should be delivered to customers in 2017.

Firefighters arrived in the scene of accident on Friday afternoon, but they did not have so much to do, Slovak daily Pravda writes on the Internet.

Klein, 54, got out of the wreckage of the flying car on his own. He war transported to hospital with minor injuries.

According to eye-witnesses, Klein ended in a tailspin with his engine in the air, but he reacted to the situation briskly and opened a parachute.

The police, the State Aviation Inspection and the Aviation Authority will investigate the accident.

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