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May 3, 2021

3 Ways To Merge A PDF File and Reduce File Size

Using PDF files is very convenient if you want your documents to be easily accessible regardless of the device or operating system. We can consider ourselves lucky to be living in a technological world full of apps that can do pretty much anything we want to a PDF file: merge it, compress it, or convert it to another format.

Today we’ll be proposing three powerful apps for merging and compressing PDF files, and we have all the time in the world to take advantage of them:


Lua is a free online app designed for allowing users to manipulate PDF files in pretty much every way they can think of, directly from a very intuitive platform. Once you load the main page by accessing getlua.com, you’ll immediately find the options you are looking for: ‘Merge PDF’ and ‘Compress PDF’. The file or files that you want to be modified have to be at a maximum size of 5MB. Once you have them and you hit the ‘Merge PDF’ or ‘Compress PDF’ link, the rest is like a walk in the park:

  1. Hit the wide blue button that says ‘Choose PDF file(s)’.
  2. If you’re shy enough to press the button, you can simply drag and drop the file(s) by yourself.
  3. Wait a few seconds for the app to do its thing.
  4. Download the freshly compressed file or the resulting merged file!

 The Lua tool works for every operating system for computers (Windows, Linux, and macOS), and you can easily use it from pretty much any smartphone or tablet as well. The app also offers the advantage of automatically deleting your files from the servers, which means that there’s no need to worry that anybody else will steal your ideas.


As even the name itself suggests, this app is also free of charge. You’ll also have to wait only a few seconds for your files to be manipulated as you wish.

The interface of freepdfconvert.com is also very intuitive, as a huge button that stands out will allow you to upload your desired file or files. The next step will be to tell the online app what you want from it. For merging and compression, you’ll have to find the ‘Merge PDF’ and ‘Compress PDF’ buttons, respectively, somewhere at the bottom of the main page.

Freepdfconvert.com will also automatically delete the files from its servers after you uploaded them. But just in case you wish to be extra sure and not wait for those three hours needed, you can even delete the files from the app’s servers by yourself.


ILovePDF is another free-of-charge online app used for doing a lot of things with PDF files. You can convert, split, merge, compress, unlock, rotate, and watermark them using just a few clicks! Simply select the operation you’re interested in, as they will all be widely exposed on the main page! If you choose ‘Merge PDF’, for instance, the rest is simple:

  • If you want to upload files from your computer, simply drag and drop them into the page directly, or use the big red button that says ‘Select PDF files.
  • If you wish to upload from Dropbox or Google Drive, you’ll see two smaller red buttons near the big one, one for each drive with the right icons.

You’ll only have to wait a few moments for the app to do its work! ILovePDF works for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Keeping your documents in PDF is extremely beneficial, and not only because the format is easily accessible. PDFs are also known for their higher security and compactness.

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