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The History Of Ore & Uranium Mining In Czechia

Czechia has a more extensive ore and uranium mining history than you may know, with ore mining dating way back to the Stone Age. While both ore and uranium mining are entirely abolished within this country, they once served a hugely important purpose during conflicts such as the Second World War. While we now have… Keep Reading

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Gov’t eyes increased uranium mining

Environmental concerns, memories of communist-era forced labor unearthed Following months of discussions where it has become increasingly clear the government will look to significantly expand the use of nuclear energy to meet a large part of energy demand in the next 60 years, a proposal has emerged that encourages the expansion of uranium mining to… Keep Reading

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Czechs, Aussies partner on energy

Dozens of scientists at work on thorium, an alternative to uranium For the past five years, a group of Czechs and Australians have been working on the beginnings of a partnership to develop an energy source they say could be the answer to Europe’s growing energy needs and lower emissions goals, but without the safety… Keep Reading

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Uran stumbles in wooing towns

Don’t tell Uran that getting at the uranium buried beneath the Czech Republic isn’t worth it. It has been more than a year since the government rejected the Australian company’s bid to operate and expand the Rožná mine in west Moravia. Since then, Uran, undeterred and motivated by the soaring commodity price of uranium, has… Keep Reading

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