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6 Inspiring Female Sports Icons According to Alison McFerran

A little over a hundred years ago, the most famous sporting event in the world, the Olympics, lacked one very important demographic. Women. Courtesy of many years of gender-based discrimination and inequality, females were not invited to the ancient competition where athletes try to out-do each other in countless disciplines. Nowadays, fortunately, the situation is… Keep Reading

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Top 3 Czech Sports Legends of All Time

Sport is an integral part of Czech people’s lives. They don’t just get involved in the games but also vehemently support their favorite players. A great multitude of Czechs also bet actively on football matches and their favorite players. Considering that more and more online bookies are offering best betting offers to interested punters, the… Keep Reading

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Tennis Rebels Toe the Line

The Czech tennis community breathed a sigh of relief Jan. 16 when Davis Cup captain Vladislav Savrda announced he had averted a players’ boycott of next month’s cup match in Italy. Martin Damm, Daniel Vacek, Cyril Suk and David Rikl announced last month that they were not available for the Czech-Italian matchup. They blamed the… Keep Reading

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