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Gregg Schellack
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Greg Schellack Shares Insights On Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Gregg Schellack is a long-serving orthopedic surgeon based in Crescent City, California. At his current workstation in Sutter Hospital, Gregg treats patients with various orthopedic issues, including muscle/tendon tears, fractures, arthritis, and sports injuries. He is also skilled in providing individualized care and education to adult and pediatric patients. Gregg Schellack attended Des Moines… Keep Reading

Dr Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery
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Dr. Farrior Explains Ways Doctors Can Balance Growing Their Practice with Helping Their Patients

Physicians are largely concerned with the needs of their patients. Physicians devote their time to treating and supporting their patients, enhancing their health and wellness with their hard work and expertise. While physicians are taking care of their patients, they also need to focus on growing their businesses. Balancing patient care with business development can… Keep Reading

young girl
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Plastic Surgery For Teens: Is It A Good Idea?

Have you ever looked in a mirror and thought to yourself how you wished you had a smaller nose? Perhaps you feel like your ears stick out funny, and you have nothing you can do to hide them. Maybe you feel somewhat self-conscious about having breasts that are too large, or you have past acne… Keep Reading

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