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grupo vidanta
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Grupo Vidanta Combines Philanthropy and Environmental Sustainability at the Vidanta Foundation

Grupo Vidanta is one of the largest and most popular travels and leisure conglomerates in Latin America. Its real estate assets include seven luxury resorts with championship courses, a private construction company, the Mar de Cortés or Puerto Peñasco International Airport, and the only resident Cirque du Soleil show in Mexico. The Vidanta resorts, stretching… Keep Reading

adult child mongolism mental disability
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Individual Advocacy Group Supports Adult Children with Disabilities

In 2015, almost 40 million Americans were identified as having disabilities that affect their daily life. Although the vast majority of them are not institutionalized, they require varying degrees of support to live successfully in the community. Instead, most people with intellectual/developmental disabilities will want to choose providers like the Individual Advocacy Group (IAG). Non-Stop… Keep Reading

Corporate Philanthropy
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Scott Cooper Miami and Corporate Philanthropy

What is corporate philanthropy? In the midst of countless business-related terms that companies may use at some point, “corporate philanthropy” is bound to come up. It refers to any and all charitable donations made by a company to help a cause. Sadly, however, not a lot of organizations are prioritizing ventures that help society. Those… Keep Reading

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