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Kim Dalius Explains the Benefits of a Success Coach

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If you feel that your professional life could use a boost, a success coach is a great resource. Success coaches like Kim Dalius are ready and able to help their clients navigate new challenges at work and in school. A success coach differs from a life coach in important ways. Success coaches help people work…

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Tips for Overcoming Technology Reluctance

in Technology
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Gartner Study Highlights Resistance to Tech Changes A new study posted by Gartner looks to assess the ability for workplaces to adopt new technologies. Polling a total of 3,120 workers between February and March of 2017, the study aimed to identify the amount of “digital dexterity” present in today’s businesses. The study broke the respondents…

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Management Mavericks Have a Good Team and Get Results

in Business
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Many birds and some animals stand out in nature because they display bright colors. But, what purpose does this plumage serve? According to studies, many males of the bird species have eye-catching colors so they can capture the attention of the female. Some scientists believe the level of color also shows a corresponding level of…

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