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Abruzzo, Italy
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Investing in Vacation Rental Property in Abruzzo, Italy

Many people head to Italy to enjoy the beauty, culture, cuisine, and many attractions. While there are many beautiful places to visit in Italy, one region that shines out is the Abruzzo. It lies to the east of Rome and enjoys a stunning location close to the Adriatic coastline as well as the Apennine Mountains.… Keep Reading

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5 Places to Paddleboard in Europe This Summer

Inspired by the sport of surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, or SUP is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. In fact, 9.6 million people participated in SUP outings in 2012. People from all over the world participate in the sport, which requires you to stand on a longboard and paddle through the water. If you’re planning a… Keep Reading

ship ferry
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How to travel with Ferries to Italy?

Transportation is an essential part of a country. It is the way through which a person reaches from one place to another. The waterways were major public transportation at a time when airplanes did not exist. These days the long distances are often covered by places. But short distances between islands or between two places… Keep Reading

Coffee lovers travel destinations
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11 Places You Have to Visit If Coffee Is Life

11 Ideal Vacation Destinations for Coffee Lovers For coffee lovers, that aromatic, hot drink is the first thought on their mind when they wake up. It ushers in the day and offers the caffeine fix they need for a good day. You might be surprised to learn that coffee actually has a deep-rooted history around… Keep Reading

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