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Weekend Trip From Mumbai To Goa

Mumbai is the hotspot for all the big things – great jobs, good food, fancy pubs and malls and the ocean waves splashing on the marine drive. But, somehow the city keeps everyone so busy that people often need a small break. And, if you are also thinking on the same lines, I have something… Keep Reading

Rajasthan, India
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5 Places to Visit While In Rajasthan, India

The land of colors and festivals gives an experience like no other. From the pink city of Jaipur to the Blue city of Jodhpur, this desert state has a lot of colors to show. Rajasthan tour packages are one of the best ways to see the real Rajasthan without wasting much of your time. So… Keep Reading

india travel visa application
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Planning A Solo Travel To India? Here Are Some Locations

India is a beautiful country; it has much to offer regarding beauty. Diversity in culture and language of India stand out on the world map. Exploring India and its cities is the best way to know about the country and its diverse culture. What’s better than doing it all by yourself? ‘Solo traveling’ is the… Keep Reading

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Ladakh: The Land of High Passes

“If there is any heaven on earth, it is Kashmir,” so goes a saying. Ladakh is a region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir that makes this saying entirely true. It has been referred to as Land of High Passes. The barren, yet beautiful region has been of substantial touristic importance and attracted tourists… Keep Reading

Taj Mahal India
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Travel Tips for Students Traveling to India

India is known to be one of the finest destinations for high-quality education which attracts a heap of international students to the country. Every year, many students travel to India for educational purposes. India has been home to various renowned theorists, researchers, saints, and scientists from the time immemorial. India has some of the most… Keep Reading

Hyderabad cousines
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Hyderabad: A Paradise for Every Foodie

Hyderabadis are real food lovers indeed! The first thought that flashes into anyone’s mind by Hyderabad is the Hyderabadi Biriyani. The special menu of the city doesn’t end with this one dish. Some other mouthwatering dishes of Hyderabad include Haleem, Keema Samosa, Irani Chai, Double Ka Meetha, Falooda, and much more! Hyderabadi Biriyani is, undoubtedly,… Keep Reading

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