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The Issue Of Plagiarism In Czech Universities

Plagiarism is approached with a zero-tolerance policy around the world, but in the Czech Republic, things are a little different. Generally, while it isn’t always punishable by law in universities, several institutions will take disciplinary action against the practice, ensuring that students learn their lesson and stop plagiarising work in the future. Detecting plagiarism is… Keep Reading

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The Essay as Textual Genre

The essay is an opinion text in which ideas, critiques, reflections and personal impressions are exposed, making an evaluation of a particular theme. The essay problematizes some questions on a particular subject, focused on the author’s opinion and generally, present original conclusions. Any student may have ever questioned some questions like how to write my… Keep Reading

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6 Easy Steps to Avoid Basic Writing Mistakes in Professional Work

Businesses rely on good writing now more than ever to advance their brand and reach out to new customers. Good business websites are dynamic and contain engaging content to generate strong leads and provide important information to potential customers. Therefore, a thorough grasp of the written word and its potential to enhance a company’s standing… Keep Reading

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