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Neuroradiology tomography
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John Ikechi Nwankwo Explains How AI is Improving Neuroradiology

Amazing strides are being made in the science of neuroradiology. Together with the rise of AI or artificial intelligence systems, exciting developments in the field have the potential to impact patient care positively. AI systems will be able to run tests and simulations which can direct doctors to the proper course of treatment for these… Keep Reading

brain fog
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5 Effective Ways To Beat Brain Fog

There are instances where we tend to experience loss of focus. But in some cases, this predicament can be extreme because it affects the overall cognitive function. Technically, it is called “brain fog,” and it really deteriorates someone’s performance. When you have a cloudy head, you will feel that your memory is scrambled and that… Keep Reading

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Why Experts Like Gina Marta Utilize the Electroencephalograph

When it comes to critical medical procedures, electroencephalography (EEG) tends to come up in nearly every conversation. It has been around since the early 1900s, and now one of the most common ways to monitor the brain’s activity. In fact, thousands of people undergo this procedure on a daily basis as the means of finding… Keep Reading

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