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The Web In Conflict: How SESTA/FOSTA Opposes Global Trends

How Internet Innovators Are Responding To SESTA/FOSTA The United States, with its tendency to lag behind global trends on progressive issues such as healthcare, drug use, and sustainability recently took another step away from its peers with a new law – SESTA/FOSTA. Also known as the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking… Keep Reading

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CRYSTALS Is Changing the Modeling Industry Using Blockchain (And Why It Matters)

CRYSTALS is the blockchain based solution that can fundamentally shift the technological direction of a single industry: modeling. CRYSTALS presents a multi-faceted solution to the problems in the modeling industry face. Fundamental insecurity and distrust cause some of these problems among clients and model, as well as a centralized power structure that places a disproportionate… Keep Reading

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The Stablecoin The Crypto Economy Has Been Waiting For

In the age of cryptocurrencies, investors need an iron stomach to withstand dramatic fluctuations in prices. Ripple, one of the major altcoins, went from under $1 per token in late December 2017 to over $2.50 around January 5, back down to $0.80 by January 16, and back up to just over $1.50 at time of… Keep Reading

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Why Raiden Network Is Poised to Bring Scalability to Cryptocurrencies

Tens of thousands of optimistic investors are entering the cryptocurrency-world each and every day. Though a positive indicator for the blockchain community, as tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum, soar to astronomic heights, many serial technologists doubt the network’s ability to keep up with rising transaction volume. Popular cryptocurrencies must find scalable solutions that answer to… Keep Reading

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SparkleCOIN Is Using the Blockchain to Make Cryptocurrencies Accessible to Everyone

Cryptocurrencies, along with the broader implications of blockchain technology, are poised to disrupt core pillars of our modern economy. By scaling adoption of these digital assets, we can sustain levels of accessibility, liquidity, and security that society has never before seen in a fiscal system. SparkleCOIN, a hot blockchain startup, is on a mission to… Keep Reading

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Earning The Right Way

There are many ways to earn. For many people, the most appropriate type of making money is the one that is low risk. However, the majority of people prefer to get engaged in risky business practices, because this is the right way to get a good profit. Big money cannot be made without trespassing one’s… Keep Reading

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Blockchain & Loyalty Rewards Programs: Turning the Page

Its ability to disrupt many industries is undeniable. As for its potential to bring significant changes to the loyalty rewards landscape, the future certainly looks auspicious. Blockchain technology can deal with the challenges in the loyalty rewards industry. Although it is not a panacea for every single problem, there is definitely lots to benefit from… Keep Reading

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