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Autonomous Cars

Automotive Industry
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Howard Wilner Details the Trends Shaping the Automotive Industry

Several exciting new trends are transforming the automotive industry. Auto manufacturers are finding new ways to meet the challenges of today‚Äôs competitive market. Despite supply-side challenges and the demands of the shifting marketplace, the future is bright. Howard Wilner, an industry expert, explains the changes that have recently taken place in the automotive industry and… Keep Reading

Self-Driving Cars
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Self-Driving Cars: Know Everything About Them

Some call it a fad. Some call it the wonders of technology. However you choose to call it, self-driving cars can simply be described as vehicles that were designed to transport people from one location to another without human intervention. The goal of inventing such automated cars is to create safer roads, reduce street congestion,… Keep Reading

Self-Driving Cars
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The Future of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving or autonomous cars, like Google’s famous Waymo, are powered by computing systems and algorithms and are aided by tools such as navigational maps, cameras, sensors, and GPS. Their software allows them to navigate roads and detect surrounding objects such as other vehicles, people, obstructions, and others. The development of autonomous cars has been the… Keep Reading

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