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January 27, 2021

Style Trends for Men: The Perfect Outfit for Every Occasion

Some might say that men have it easy when it comes to fashion: not much to choose between tracksuit pants, jeans, and a suit. But the truth is, in these situations, the differences lay in the details. The most important advice that could be given for men is to be careful when they shop: no matter the occasion, the clothes should always be, first of all, age-appropriate and fit for the specific body type. If these criteria are met, even the most basic outfit is sure to look amazing and give off the best impression.

Now, as we said, the details are the dominant factor when you need to choose an outfit for a specific occasion, but what are they and what are the differences? In the following article, we try to describe as many situations as possible, for you to have a complete guide.

Work attire

This is still a vast category, depending on your work environment, but you will usually have at least general clothing requirements, then it is up to you to build your outfit based on your position. For example, if you have an important role in a formal office, well-tailored suits, a matching tie that goes together with the belt, shoes, and briefcase are required, for you to show professionalism and to give off a feeling of trust and security.

If you aren’t sure how elegant you should be, examine the atmosphere of the work environment. How are the others dressed? What are the staple pieces that everyone has? Don’t worry about being a copycat, you can still add your style to it: if the accepted outfit includes jeans, a shirt, and maybe a sweater, look for these items when you shop and make sure that the patterns match your taste. Also, don’t feel too pressured to buy things that are ”in style” at the moment, you should always go with something that fits you in particular, will never go out of fashion, and is, of course, comfortable.

Remember that the shoes are also a very important part: make sure they match, are clean, and are in good shape. A bad pair of shoes can ruin even the most perfect outfits.

Social occasions

In this case, you have more freedom of expression, and it is important to take advantage of it. After all, your outfits reflect your unique style and personality and first impressions will always have a big say when it comes to people’s opinion of you. Of course, social occasions are a vast category, but we put together some of the most common of them.

For example, dates. Something you will not go wrong with is dark jeans or smart trousers and button-down oxford shirts. You might need to adapt this to the occasion, but this is a great option when you end up being confused about the level of formality needed. Make sure that your clothes, no matter their type, should always be freshly laundered and pressed, to send the message that you are a person that takes care of their appearance- something women frequently assess.

The next category would be casual events. Which pretty much means nights out with friends, simple get-togethers, or barbeque parties. There’s not much to say in this case, as jeans, trainers, T-shirts, or hoodies are the general options, depending on where you will be.

As we are climbing the ladder, we reach business casual events. Here, the name pretty much gives it out. If you will attend an event that describes its dress code as such, think of what you would wear at a formal workplace, but you don’t need to go overboard. A formal suit is not usually required.

Still going up, semi-formal events are perhaps the most common. They include weddings, cocktail parties, and other similar celebrations. This is where things start to get serious, as the outfit required is usually a classic suit with a matching, nice tie. Think of the mentioned above outfit, but with the elegance dialed up a bit. For extra spiciness, you can add suspenders for an even classier look.

The dress code that requires the highest level of elegance is a black tie. You most likely won’t cross paths with it very often, unless you work in a domain that requires it, so make sure that you make the most of this occasion when you encounter it. As soon as you hear black tie, you need to think tuxedo, no exception. If you happen to not have one, renting it is a good option.

All in all, things aren’t too complicated, as long as you are familiar with the terms that describe the style, and even the clothing items. Make sure to always inform yourself about the possible existence of a dress code, especially if you are about to attend an important event or a new place. For example, a night out with the boys at a game of blackjack can require more than you would expect, as casinos usually have very specific dress codes, which can become a reason for exclusion when they are not respected. A basic rule to follow when you aren’t sure how to dress is that it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.

We hope you found this article interesting and helpful and that we made the whole subject easier to understand, as dress codes can sometimes get confusing, but they are also really fun when you know what they mean.

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