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February 9, 2019

Fashion Trends 2019: Complete Your Look

When you choose an item of clothing for a specific purpose, such as a semi-formal night out or a business setting, you probably select your suit or other attire based on current style. Of course, some styles remain for years. Simply because the design is good and classic. It isn’t necessary to worry about something called a “trend.”

In the world of men’s fashion and lifestyle, trends are generally not as much a factor as they are with women’s clothing. A certain percentage of the male population will make occasional changes in style or design, based on what’s “hot” or “popular” at the time. However, the majority of men consistently wear classics that stand the test of time. If, for example, you’ve been comfortable with the same suit for several years, choosing a traditional cut in dark grey or blue for an evening event, you’ve certainly been safe in doing so.

Sharp and Comfortable

Chances are you’ve completed your attire with another of the standards in menswear – solid, black shoes in one of three or four foundational styles. Take a few minutes to look at some of the trend ideas for men’s clothing in 2019, a list including two fascinating ways to make a smooth change in your footwear.

You may not choose to go with bold colors or patterns, but you won’t be “out of place” if your tailoring trends toward looser fit in the legs and shoulders. You can combine this minor change with the introduction of pinstripes, which some say will bring a past elegance to the scene. An understated plaid may work for you as well. Larger watches and “wearable” tech are catching on for this year, to complement your relaxed appearance.

How do you take these few ideas to completion when you select your shoes? Trends for the new year include the growing popularity of Chelsea boots (not that they’ve ever entirely gone out of style). They were extremely popular in the 1960s, with marketing help from a group of young musicians going by the name of The Beatles.

Complete Your Ensemble

If you are among the majority which believes Chelsea boots “magically” appeared just a few decades ago, you’ll be surprised to learn the design dates to the Victorian era. The boots were great for comfortable walking, as well as for support and protection while riding horseback. Not only were these boots a great-looking fashion statement that fits well with the clothing styles of the time, but they were also comfortable and easy to put on, thanks to the elastic panel on the upper and the loop of fabric at the back.

Though taste in men’s clothing and footwear naturally change through the decades, the need for quality shoes never went out of style. Select the rounded toe of the work boot, a square toe for a unique fashion look, or even choose a more pointed-toe design and rich leather for the “dealer” boot.

You might even try some colorful, patterned socks (another 2019 trend), or choose your suit of clothes in a rich olive hue or in rich burgundy color. Then, your ensemble is complete.

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