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Dirt Bike Helmet
October 30, 2021

What To Look For In A Dirt Bike Helmet

Whether you are riding on the track or off-trail, the most important piece of protective equipment you need is a dirt bike helmet. Stick to a golden rule no matter your skill level or riding discipline: no helmet, no ride. Your brain is your most valuable asset, yet it is also one of your most susceptible. Riding a dirt bike at any speed carries some danger. A helmet that fulfills the safety requirements and fits your head should be your number one priority. Technology in dirt helmet design has taken the market by storm. So the first thing that comes to mind is what features to look for in a dirt bike helmet:

1. Weight

While riding a dirt bike, head weight and balance are important. A heavy helmet can cause a sore neck, poor body posture, more sweat, and an uncomfortable experience altogether. So choose dirt bike helmets that are under 1600 grams or 3.5 pounds in weight.

2. Ventilation

The more is the ventilation, more cooler the ride is. Dirt lids on helmets provide excellent ventilation. While riding the dirt bike, the rider will build body heat so airflow should be your best friend.

3. Looks

Looks do matter, choose the color and style of helmet that suits your personality. Because your dirt bike helmet is your face on the dirt bike.

4. Size and shape

For the perfect fit of the helmet, considering the size and shape of the helmet is necessary. You need to measure your head circumference with the help of a soft tape measure. Compare your result against a helmet’s size chart to determine which size you need to order. If the helmet is a little tight. Keep in mind that most helmet liners break up to 20 percent after the first 20 hours of riding.

5. Technology

Look for safety tech features like multi-density foam and lining in your dirt bike helmet. Because most dirt bike helmet companies surpass SNELL and DOT certificates. The technology available in the dirt bike industry has evolved manifold in the last ten years. Some of them are as follows:

· Rotational energy management systems

This system uses a slip plane concept. There are two layers inside the helmet that can slip past each other to some degree. That means, in case of a crash, your head can rotate inside the helmet, reducing the rotational forces that reach the brain.

· Magnetic Breakaway visors

Fox Racing created this technique. It is one method for dealing with rotating forces during a crash. The visor of the helmet is attached to the body of the helmet via a magnet. The magnetic strength of the visor is such that it will resist any roost from other riders, but it will also detach from the helmet in the case of a collision. In an accident, the visor will detach from the helmet rather than aggravating the problem by adding extra rotating forces.

· Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA)

This material flex in a crash as an energy management system. Whereas most helmet shells are rigid, these penetration-resistant KPA shells can move a little bit and absorb some of the energy.

· Fluid Inside

Fluid Inside is a company that has developed a technology designed to mimic Cerebral Spinal Fluid inside fluid-filled pods. These pods are strategically placed inside helmets and absorb some of the impacts during a crash.

Fox, Alpinestars, Airoh Helmets, 6D Helmets, Bell Helmets, Shoei, Arai Helmets, and Troy Lee Designs have created masterpieces helmets. These new safety features and technology reduce potential injuries to the head in the event of a crash. If you’re buying a new helmet, be sure you’re buying it for what it provides you, not simply for the price or the color scheme.

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