What Do You Need to Start Playing a Darts Game?

Darts is a game that virtually anyone can play no matter where they live in the world. Not only is it a very simple game to play, but it is an inexpensive game if you purchase the right accessories. Of course, the two basic items needed are darts and a dartboard. You cannot play darts without these items because they are the basis of the game. You hang a dartboard up on a wall and then throw darts at it. You see, isn’t it simple?

The Things That You Need to Start

However, there are additional darts items that you might find useful if you play darts on a regular basis. These items can make the game safer and easier to play. Although some of these items are not advisable for children to use, any adult who wants to play like a professional will find them invaluable.

Below are the top 6 items you need to start playing darts:

Dartboard – The dartboard is the most important thing about darts. All dart games depend on a dartboard because players throw their darts at it to score points. There are dartboards made of rubber, bristle, paper, and plastic. The type of dartboard you choose depends on who is playing. Plastic is generally reserved for children to play darts on while the other three are more suitable for adults. Regardless, you’ll want to use an endorsed digital dartboard from a reputable company. This will ensure it is good quality.

Darts – Dartboards usually come with their own compatible darts. For instance, if you purchase a bristle dartboard, then it will have steel-tipped darts included. But if you go with a plastic dartboard, it will come with soft-tipped darts. You need darts to throw at the dartboard because that is how the game is played. But if you need more darts or you’re not happy with the darts that came with your dartboard, then you can easily purchase new darts at any sporting goods store.

Backboard – Backboards are what you put behind dartboards to protect the surrounding wall from damage. People playing with soft-tipped darts don’t need to worry about this, but those playing with steel-tipped darts do. These darts have sharp tips and can easily mark up your walls whenever you throw a dart and miss the dartboard. The backboard will serve as a shield which will protect your walls from marks, scuffs, and puncture damage.

Dart Mat – A dart mat is what you will put on the floor in front of the dartboard. This mat will serve two purposes for playing darts. First, it will protect your flooring from scuffs and marks whenever you throw a dart, and it bounces off the dartboard. Anyone with wooden or vinyl tiling will certainly appreciate this. Second, the throwing line is printed on the mat. This will allow players to know the proper distance they need to stand away from the dartboard before they throw the dart. If you’re trying to follow professional rules, then the throwing line will be very helpful in your training.

Dart Case – If you like to play darts in more than one location, you will need a darts case to carry around your darts in. Dart cases are designed to securely hold darts in place and prevent their tips from getting damaged. More importantly, it helps prevent the tips from accidentally injuring you or someone else as you carry them from place to place.

Dart Sharpener – A dart sharpener is something that only a professional would really want. If you are playing with steel-tipped darts and you want to make them sharper, you will need a dart sharpener device. Like knives, the tips of darts will lose their sharpness and start to dull after a while. You need a sharpener to keep them sharp so that you can easily puncture the darts through the surface of your dartboard. Otherwise, a dull-tipped dart will bounce off the dartboard.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know the importance of these dart products. You can choose to purchase all of them or just the ones that you feel are important to you. They generally don’t cost that much money if you’re looking to play basic darts for fun. However, professional players will often go the expensive route and purchase high-grade dart accessories for their gaming rooms. Since you are probably new to darts, don’t worry so much about purchasing the best quality products. Just purchase products that will help you get familiar with the game of darts and how it is best played.

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