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September 30, 2020

Top Ways Athletes Can Protect Their Knees against Injuries

America continually acknowledges the importance of the physical activity. However, it is also the country that records one of the highest sports injuries, mainly basketball, football, and tennis. Between 2011 and n2014, approximately 8.6 million sports-based injury episodes were reported, of which 50% resulted in treatment at clinics, according to the National Health Statistics Report by the CDC.  However, the good news is that with advancements in health care, you can now access the best knee support braces, compression sleeve & strap braces for just the right support and protection. 

The best medical-grade knee braces are made from durable and comfortable materials to provide ideal support and promote recovery, according to experts at Aidfull. Knee braces for torn meniscus injury and patella stabilizer knee braces also offer relief from pain and swelling, making life easier. Apart from wearing hinged knee support braces, here are a few other useful tips to safeguard yourself from knee injuries on the field. 

Perform a Warm-Up

During a warm-up, the range of motion increases, and hormonal changes occur, which regulate energy production, according to an article on Verywell Fit. Along with football & basketball knee braces, these bodily changes can help reduce ligament injuries. They enhance strength, speed, and flexibility, which could prevent muscle pulls and tears. It is advisable to ensure a good warm-up session before playing any sport. Before wearing your patella knee brace, ensure at least 30 minutes of stretching and jogging. If you are running, consider a knee brace for runners’ knee to stay safe.

Don’t Forget to Cool Down 

As much as a warm-up is necessary, it is equally important to take the time to manage your breathing and relax during breaks. Through this, the body temperature is lowered, and blood circulation returns to normal. This is extremely important to be able to play without exhausting yourself mid-match. While resting, adjust your knee compression sleeve & strap brace for best support. Adjust the 4-way strap for a super-comfortable, non-slip experience. Otherwise, you put your knees at the risk of chronic knee pain, torn meniscus injury, or sprains.  

Maintain Flexibility

To become quicker, stronger, and faster, you need to work hard on enhancing your flexibility. It can also prevent severe injuries, like hamstring pulls, caused by high-intensity sports. For improved physical performance and balance, practice shoulder stretches, quad stretches, and back stretches daily. In addition to these, wearing a copper fit knee sleeve can also regulate blood circulation and oxygen flow to the knees, while minimizing micro-tearing. You can also wear a knee brace for patellar tendonitis before any intense exercise or sports to prevent injuries to the connective tissue between the shinbone and kneecap. 

Hydrate Yourself Well 

Water transports nutrients to the muscles, which helps minimize fatigue and cramps, both of which can be responsible for injuries. 

Thermoregulation can help protect against heat strokes, which are common during day-time games. Aim at drinking up to an ounce of water per pound of bodyweight to replenish the electrolytes lost through sweat and prevent dehydration. However, hydration alone isn’t enough; make sure to wear fitted custom braces for added protection. 

Waterproof braces are the best choice when it comes to sports. They are made of SEBS gels and breathable materials to allow you to play your sport comfortably without having to worry about the braces getting damaged by the sweat or water. You can also get a knee brace for arthritis if the condition is preventing you from playing your favorite game.

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