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Phillip Entzminger’s Top Six Golf Courses in the World

As an action-packed and thrilling sport, golf is also seen as one of the most lucrative ventures in the world. With players like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Jordan Spieth, it slowly built a fan base that includes millions of people. Now, the tournaments are broadcasted almost everywhere, and the popularity is at an all-time high.

Courtesy of the never-ending elegance and wonderful scenery, golf is amongst the best-looking sports ever invented. It always takes place in environments that contain astonishing sights and landscape. So, what are some of the best golf courses around the globe?

Pebble Beach, California

Pebble Beach actually offers an entire resort. It is equipped with three state-of-the-art golf courses that provide a wonderful view of the ocean. Founded in 1919, this resort is expected to host the 2019 U.S. Open Championship on its 100-year anniversary. Additionally, it has hosted this tournament a whopping six times thus far! So, the popularity of the golf courses at Pebble Beach is definitely unquestionable.

Shinnecock Hills, New York

After spending some time on the West Coast, one may be incentivized to travel to the East Coast. After all, this is where the Shinnecock Hills golf course is. Although this location is known for its beauty, it offers many other relevant milestones. Consider, for instance, some of the reasons why people love this course so much:

  • Reported to be the first course that admitted women in 1891;
  • Has the oldest golf clubhouse that dates to 1892;
  • Is the founding member of the United States Golf Association.

Moreover, the minor elevation of no more than 90 feet provides an enjoyable experience to all players. Not to mention how it successfully completed hosting the latest U.S. Open of 2018!

Saint Andrews, Scotland

Of course, to find all of the notable golf courses, one will have to go beyond the United States. In fact, according to freelance writer Phillip Entzminger, some of the most impressive courses are located in Europe. Take Saint Andrews Links, per se.

With an offering that includes the Jubilee, Balgove, Strathtyrum, Eden, and Castle course, it is a bucket-list-like location. Furthermore, it has a history that goes back more than 600 years ago. As Phillip Entzminger marks, finding another combination of such scenery and the rich background is borderline impossible.

Cypress Point, California

As the proud owner of the three internationally popular holes, the Cypress Point course is another magnificent location in California. The holes in question are the 15th, 16th, and 17th. Given their positioning about the Pacific Ocean, they are often rated as the best in the world.

As far as its history, the course goes back to 1928 when it was created by Byington Ford, Roger Lapham, and Marion Hollins. Additionally, the design was created by Alister MacKenzie and Robert Hunter.

Lahinch, Ireland

Lahinch course in Ireland is another European location that claims a notable spot on the list. With a 125-year anniversary on its portfolio, it offers no shortage of rich history. In 1999, the course was modernized to match the current conditions of the technology in the world.

Due to this innovative approach, it has consistently received the title of one of the top 50 courses in the world. Moreover, the club hosted an all-female competition in 1904. Thus, inclusiveness and diversity have been a strong suit since its foundation.

Royal Melbourne, Australia

As one of the leaders in the local market, Royal Melbourne is amongst the top golf clubs in Australia. It was founded at the end of the 19th century and has been operational ever since. As a rare 36-hole golf club, its West course is ranked as one of the top five courses in the world.

Moreover, it can comfortably host as many as 15,000 members for various tournaments. Like the Cypress Point course in California, the West course at Royal Melbourne was also designed by Dr. Alister MacKenzie. Expectedly, it has been utilized for hosting the Australian Open, Presidents Cup, and much more.

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