Online betting tips: How to Win on Live Betting?

Bwin is among the largest betting companies with a considerable following. The company gives its customers a guarantee of winning regardless. However, even with the assurance of winning, you need to get a few betting tips to be a professional punter. To answer the question of how you can always win on live betting, it takes self-control and discipline. With betting, you can win more within a blink of an eye and you can as well lose all your bankroll.

Basics of live betting tips

Before you start random betting, it is recommendable to learn more about the match through watching first. When you get to learn about the matches, you familiarize yourself with the basics of the game. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to make accurate and valid decisions based on what you previously learned about the game.

A common mistake that most people make is to bet on live matches that they have little knowledge of the basics. On live betting, it is about getting to know the off-target shots and dangerous attacks. However, when you bet you start learning, it will be challenging to keep up with the proceeding.

Do your homework

Ensure to keep your stats in every game. If a particular team has a reputation of scoring 40% of goals in the first 20 minutes of the game, that is where you need to start on your stats. Ensure to analyze the game critically without assuming anything in the process. Although there are numerous bet stats websites, having your stats is also crucial.

Another basic betting strategy is that you should never place a bet to recover losses. After losing on a previous bet, live betting is often an easy way of countering the losses. However, betting after a lost bet often leads to an increased loss rather than recovering what you previously lost. In-play betting requires more preparations and should not be used as an avenue to recover yourself.

To win on live betting, it is recommended to avoid placing multiple in-play bets at the same time. To win, you will require to concentrate on a few games to observe and bet where appropriate.

 Pros and cons of live betting

  •  Countless opportunities: Today, most online bookies offer a variety of bets in various sports 24/7. Therefore, if you choose to get into live betting, every time is an opportunity for you to get started; there is no time limitation.
  •  Live analysis: With live betting, you get an opportunity to watch actions multiple times before placing the bet. Therefore, you will strictly bet when you are convinced that it’s the right time.


  •  Time limitation: Live betting works fast and as a specialist, you will always feel like someone is chasing you. Since the game happens online, there is limited time for you to calculate the odds.
  •  Betting addiction: There are games 24/7 for you to bet. This can lead to addiction and you might find yourself getting addicted to the game. However, to avoid this, you need to limit your betting time and allow yourself to have time for other activities too.

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