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August 12, 2021

The Most Improved NBA Teams Following the Free Agency

Except for Dennis Schroder, who’s considered the only significant star that remains on the open market, the NBA’s free agency signings are concluded. As we roll towards the 2021/22 season, let us preview the NBA teams who’ve taken the best step forward during free agency.

Miami Heat 

New Arrivals: Kyle Lowry, PJ Tuckers, Markieff Morris

The Miami Heat went all-out during the 2021 offseason by recruiting the most wanted free agent in Kyle Lowry. Some critics will raise their eyebrows at this transfer, but there’s no doubting that Lowry will assist the Heat in every facet of the game. Bettors with NBA picks against the spread fading Miami Heat may want to think twice with their newly refurbished roster.

Lowry can assist Jimmy Butler by lowering the offensive pressure and will also help Bam Adebayo as he continues to evolve his game. PJ Tucker and Markieff Morris make positive additions to the Heats defensive issues and provide the squad depth in all areas needed.

Los Angeles Lakers

New Arrivals: Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Dwight Howard, Kendrick Nunn, & Malik Monk

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers didn’t make much noise during the first week of free agency, but the tide soon turned following their initial free agency signing of Russell Westbrook as they’ve continued to add more talent since.

Perhaps the most exciting set of signings throughout all of the NBA this term, it’s going to be an intriguing season to watch how multiple star players will fit together and if their egos will be kept in check. Westbrook isn’t the ideal player to ride alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Still, he’ll help the team in the regular season and assist in removing pressure in the postseason.

The Lakers squad is significantly more refined than last season, making reaching the NBA Finals more possible than in the previous season.

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Chicago Bulls

New Arrivals: Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan, Alex Caruso 

Chicago Bulls

Nobody anticipated the Chicago Bulls to make huge strides during free agency, but now it could be argued that they’ve made the biggest of them all. In the beginning, Lonzo Ball was a great addition but then emphasized their work by landing DeMar DeRozan.

In a worst-case scenario, the Bulls will own one of the most talent-rich rosters in the Eastern Conference. Will their new arrivals come to positive fruition? Well, that’s yet to be seen. Either way, Ball, DeRozan, LaVine, and Vucevic are an interesting line-up, to say the least.

Should these four ballers gel together on the court, there’s no denying that the Chicago Bulls will sail into the playoffs this season.

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Golden State Warriors

New Arrivals: Otto Porter Jr., Andre Iguodala, Nemanja Bjelica

Life as a Golden State Warriors fan hasn’t quite been the same without Klay Thompson, but with his return imminent, the Warriors are expected to flip the Western Conference on its back and make life difficult for the opposing teams.

In addition, Otto Porter Jr. was signed at a minimum and could well be a complete steal from the offseason. When you compare his talent to the contract that the Warriors were gifted, other teams might be kicking themselves by the time this year’s playoffs come around.

During the 2018/19 NBA season, Porter averaged 18 PPG, 6 rebounds, and three assists on 48% shooting from the field and 49% shooting at 3-point range within 15 games for the Chicago Bulls. If he can find a similar form, he could become a vital addition to the Warriors team.

New York Knicks

New Arrivals: Evan Fournier, Kemba Walker

Fans and critics alike weren’t impressed with the New York Knicks‘ offseason, but when reflecting on it – their roster has improved. From the get-go of free agency, it became apparent that the Knicks had a plan, and they held a patient stance throughout.

Sure, paying such a massive sum for Fournier doesn’t make much sense ($78 million); they did catch Kemba at a significant discount. Despite him falling out of his prime years, he’s still a valuable player and will undoubtedly upgrade the position he plays on the Knicks squad.

The Knicks’ didn’t make the most significant signings that many expected, but their roster has improved, and they could have enough talent in the team to remain in the top 8 of the Eastern Conference next term.

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