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June 4, 2022

How Sports Gambling Apps are Changing the Landscape

The appeal of being able to win money when sports betting has never faded.

From the Victorian days of bets being placed on chicken races in beer halls, all the way through to the esports betting revolution that has taken hold today, wagering on a sporting outcome is exhilarating.

Over the generations, sports betting has taken on many trends, from betting stores to casinos and the latest influx of online sportsbooks has revolutionised sports betting the world over.

The latest evolution in Prague and the UK within the betting offer is gambling applications, with players able to enjoy a whole new level of betting opportunity, at the touch of just a couple of buttons. However, according to the recent data reported by BritishGambler, the market size of the Gambling & Betting Activities industry in the UK has declined 4.2% per year on average between 2017 and 2022. At the same time, mobile gambling shows growth as it allows people to gamble at mobile casinos nearly anywhere and as a result, new casino sites are launching all the time in the UK.

Anyway, arguably the biggest part of the appeal when it comes to betting via an app is the convenience it brings for bettors as they look to maximise their betting winnings.

Apps on phones/tablets have become an integral part of everyday life and in the sports betting sphere things are no different.

The sheer number of sports fixtures punters can access means that betting in-play and on the move has never been easier – which of course gives players more chances to both lose and win money.

Whether it be on a congested train, whilst with friends at the bar or when chilling at home watching the action, long gone are the days of having to plan sports bets ahead of time.

Apps provide a huge amount of convenience across all aspects of daily life and in the sports betting industry, they have enabled punters to be able to bet more often than ever before.

The live betting trend has also gripped punters, with the frequency and regularity of sporting events able to bet on, revolutionising the amounts of money punters and bookmakers are trading in.

Being able to use a quick and convenient app, ties hand in hand with live betting – ensuring that players never miss any of the action and that they are provided with the tools to bet on any outcome, in any given sporting fixture.

As is always the way with a market that is developing, the number of betting options available to players has also grown exponentially in recent years.

Long gone are the days of just betting straight up on the outcome of a match, tournament, or race – with players now able to dig down into the details of every minute, of every sporting game and scrutinise the finite details that can win them serious sums of money.

How many corners in a football game, which player will win a certain point in a tennis match and how many shots a player will have on a given golf hole, are all instantaneous markets that players can access within the online sports betting sphere.

Betting via the plethora of sports betting apps available on the market is once again integral to the growth of the sports betting industry and punters can access a multitude of markets through the touch of a button.

The development of online sports betting, coinciding with the reliance of society on apps on their phones and tablets, has revolutionised the sports betting industry for the foreseeable future.

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