The Grand National
March 22, 2018

Grand National – What makes it so popular?

Merseyside becomes a host to one of the most-awaited and exciting horse racing events of the world; The Grand National, in April each year. Horse racing lovers travel to Aintree from all over UK and Europe, to witness first-hand the thrill and excitement offered by this race. But what is it that makes Grand National so popular and unique?

Joining the Action

First of all, there’s nothing that can make a sports event more exciting than attaching high stakes to it! When it comes to Grand National, it’s a type of sports event where you witness high stakes for almost every single competitor. Bookmakers everywhere come up with unique ways and means to get more people to bet with them. In fact, some of the reputed online bookies are offering free Grand National bet options this year! If you love punting on Grand National races, you must definitely check these out!

High Stakes

As mentioned above, you stand a chance to win huge financial rewards by backing almost every single horse participating in the race. The winner of the race alone takes home hundreds of thousands of pounds, making Grand National one of the richest horse races in the UK. Here’s the prize money that horses and jockeys would be competing for this year!

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Competition level

Considering the kind of high-stakes event that Grand National is, it’s only natural for it to attract the best horses in the world. The big rewards showered upon the winning horses ensures that the race witnesses the best possible field, another reason why it’s counted amongst the top-quality sports events in the world. After all, it wouldn’t be half as popular a race as it is today if it were to include low-quality horses.


The way Grand National is structured makes it an incredibly dramatic, and hence a fascinating horse racing event in itself! Going by the statistics, it’s one of the few races that attracts so much betting action.

One of the reasons why Grand National is so dramatic is because of its layout. Involving a distance of around 7 km, it’s an incredibly long race by any standards. Its length opens up many different opportunities. It’s normal to see multiple lead changes, with horses getting tired or speeding up at the critical junctures of the race.

While the distance adds a lot of drama to the race, the obstacles placed on the track take the excitement level to an altogether new high. The jumps take place throughout the race and are meant to make things even more difficult for the participating horses. The purpose of these obstacles is well-achieved as the horses lose or win the race-based significantly on their ability to successfully tackle these jumps without slowing or falling down. Even the best horses can sometimes falter at these obstacles, which adds greatly to the drama.


It’s the combination of non-stop drama, a talented field and fairly high stakes that make Grand National race such an exciting event in the yearly horse racing calendar.

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