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The Best Czech Players and Athletes Abroad

October 12, 2020

The Czech Republic is known for having some incredible athletes. The depth of talent here has spread worldwide to numerous different sports. Czech athletes can be found in almost every major league sport, from football to hockey. Here are some of the most talented Czech players who compete internationally today. 

Tomáš Satoranský

Satoranský is a point guard in the NBA. He first joined with the Washington Wizards, where he played for three seasons from 2016-2019. Satoranský had several high points over his three-year career with the Wizards as he adjusted to the NBA and the level of competition here. 2019 was a big moment in his career, as he signed a three-year deal with the Chicago Bulls worth $30 million. Satoranský is respected for his strong skill set in the point guard position, and he helps bring favorable basketball betting odds to the team. With some offseason changes to the Chicago Bulls lineup, we could be looking at a much stronger team in 2021. 

Jakub Voráček

As hockey is a beloved sport in the Czech Republic, you can be sure that many talented Czech players are making an appearance in the NHL and other major hockey leagues around the globe. Voráček is an NHL veteran at this point. He started his career in 2008 and, at the age of 31 years old, he is still going strong in the league. 

Voráček entered the NHL as a member of the Columbus Blue Jackets on a three-year contract. His rookie season would see him score 9 goals and 29 assists, ultimately helping the Blue Jackets go to the playoffs for the first time in the entire history of the franchise. In 2011, Voráček was traded to his next team, the Philadelphia Flyers, where he has stayed since. He signed his most recent contract in 2015, an eight-year deal worth $66 million. 

David Krejčí

Krejčí is another standout ice hockey player that has proven his worth in the NHL. At 34 years old, he has had a long and celebrated career and is still competing at the highest level. Krejčí turned professional in 2007 as a member of the Boston Bruins, a team he has played for his entire career.

Even among hockey standouts, Krejčí is one of the best players around. His contributions to the Bruins as a center has led to some incredible seasons, including their 2011 Stanley Cup Championship and multiple playoff appearances. In both 2011 and 2013, Krejčí led the NHL in points scored. Staying true to his Czech roots, he played for the Czech national team in the Winter Olympics in 2010 and 2014. 

Martina Sáblíková

Sáblíková is a very successful Olympic speed skater from the Czech Republic. At 33 years old, she is often considered the best skater from the country, with a personal record of 6 Olympic medals, including 3 gold medals. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver was her big breakout performance, and she has followed it up at every Winter Olympics since. Sáblíková is still steadily competing in smaller competitions around the world and will surely make an appearance at the next Winter Olympics in 2022.


Tomáš Vaclík

Vaclik is a professional footballer who currently plays for Sevilla FC as a goalkeeper. Vaclík has also played for the Czech national team in some capacity since 2005. While most of his career was spent playing for various smaller Czech teams, he broke out into international play with the Swiss football club Basel in 2014. Currently playing in La Liga, he holds his own as a strong goalkeeper in the competitive league. 

Tomáš Souček   

At just 25 years old, Souček has a promising future ahead of himself. Souček has a strong frame at 1.92m and is known for his defensive and attacking capabilities. After playing for several Czech teams, Souček started a one-year loan with West Ham United in the Premier League. After scoring multiple goals and proving himself to be a dedicated and well-rounded player, West Ham decided to sign him to a four-year contract worth €21 million. In August of this year, he was awarded the Golden Ball by a team of Czech sports journalists that honors his athletic contributions abroad. Souček also plays for the Czech national team.

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