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October 1, 2018

Why Real Estate agents opt for Platforms like SetSchedule

There’s a belief that those who do not upgrade to technological innovations will eventually become irrelevant in the coming years. As the real estate markets get more and more competitive, agents have made their bets on application interfaces to relieve them from the frustrating task of searching for and finding verified leads. These platforms are backed by AI and help realtors make smart and profitable decisions supported by market information.

Due to the introduction of integrated applications coupled with changing customer mindsets, real estate agents are finding it more and more difficult to find quality leads in the real estate space. With lots of property data available online, potential buyers often make a choice well before seeing it for themselves. This is especially damaging for real estate agents who rely entirely on face to face meetings to close deals. Such a situation has led realtors to use technology to help them find potential buyers and decision makers.

Advantages of Platforms like SetSchedule

Automated Lead Generation

Applications like SetSchedule use big data to help realtors find possible leads. This means that the research funnel is halved and agents just need to get face to face with the seller or buyer. While most of the grunt work gets done by algorithms, selected leads also run through a group of account managers before reaching the real estate agent.

The agent can take the final decision in choosing a lead. Users can also check their targeted locations for prequalified leads. Once the agent claims a lead, he/she will get complete information on their leads and market estimates on properties. Afterward, users can monitor and interact with their leads and set appointments, accordingly.

Mentorship and Coaching

Beneficial for newcomers, Software platforms like SetSchedule offer users with mentors who are licensed real estate barkers. Agents can speak to their mentor over the phone or through messages across the platform. Service like these also offers on-demand sales advice from qualified professionals.

Superior Research functionality

Modern-day lead gen applications integrated complicated tools for data research. These tools can be used to find contact information, property values, market information and much more. Users can also get updates on the number of sales, Sales prices and population indexes of local locations.

Mobile Friendly

As the real estate industry is constantly changing, it is always necessary to have all your data accessible by mobile. Modern lead generations systems have migrated their platforms onto mobile and offer the same functionalities as on desktop devices. This greatly helps as realtors who are always on the field can stay updated without having to boot up their laptops.

Business and CRM tools

Advanced CRM integration allows realtors to prioritize on essential leads while also being able to interact with the whole of your buyer/seller group. Realtors can get those updates and regularly check on their leads.

Competitive Edge with Apps

By connecting Sellers, buyers and real estate agents, applications like SetSchedule help realtors get quality leads. By integrating applications like AI and big data, brokers always get connected with the right clients and vice versa. Its mentor base and mobile application further enhances usability and boost productivity.

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